Thursday, February 27, 2014

Noah and Matilda Details of Third Block Set

Bird detail from antique quilt
The third set of blocks in the Noah and Matilda Album Quilt includes another exciting variety of designs.  Birds, hearts, yellow tulips and multi layered flowers.

The sweet little bird, perhaps a canary, gives you many embellishment options.  The original is fully outlined in satin stitch embroidery.  The head and wing are accented with red thread.  A little green thread is used around the red beak.

Inked Block

There is another inked block.  Presenting another clue.
Is it MS or WS ?  After browsing through fonts, guess what I'm leaning towards?

The shape, could be a heart?

Or,  an embellished line to hold the date?

The date - What is the significance of
                    Feb 22

Antique flower applique on original quilt

One of the flower blocks has heart shaped buds and four layer flowers.

Isn't this a great fussy cut center print?

The petals appear to be raw edge, finished with a buttonhole stitch.

I love these flowers, and look forward to doing more.

Starting to layer my flower
I have been using back basting applique on this project.

To make these flowers, I used freezer paper and cut each layer separately.  Draw the flower outline on the base fabric.  (Don't cut the base out until all layers are added)  Cut out the next petal layer, buttonhole stitch onto base.  Repeat, for all three petal layers.
Cut out the base flower petal shape, buttonhole stitch to the block after the rest of the applique is completed.

This is a detail photo of one of my flowers.

I think the white thread creates a lace like edge.  You could use matching thread colors or needle turn yours.

The third block set is available HERE

Have a fantastic weekend; I hope it includes some stitching time!




  1. I am curious to know what you have deduced! : )
    Such a pretty little flower, Dawn. A bunch of those would make a sweet quilt all by themselves!

  2. Hi Dawn, thanks for the close ups and tutorial. That s a very pretty flower. Adore the little bird! I hope to have my first 2 blocks on my blog in the nexy day or so. Yep I am behind, but enjoying this project. Thanks!

    PS I hope you find more history, the clues are so fascinating.


    gone to the beach

  3. Sweet flower! love your fussy center -

  4. Fun flower! Love all of the clues in the quilt.

  5. What a great block. Love the inking and the writing of old.
    I'm working on a few blocks!

  6. Nice blocks this month even it the one with the bird is a bit challenging.

  7. i think that it appears to a WS but it is hard to tell . . .

    LOVE the use of white thread on your block~!! it's quite sweet and it was interesting to read your process. thank you for sharing.



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