Monday, February 10, 2014

Red for February

It is Valentines week here is the US.  I chose to get some of my red and white quilts and fabrics out.
This is the 'neutral' room in our house.  Easy to swap out the quilts and accessories.  So, January after taking down the tree along with red and green quilts for Christmas; we are on to red and white.
Small pieces are in the cradles and table tops, larger quilts are on the floor rack and walls.
Blinds and curtains are only open for photos and company.

This is the opposite wall.
Both of the applique quilts are hand applique and quilted. 

I use the "Hang It Dang It " which is adjustable, one nail needed for a range of quilt widths.  Great product I highly recommend.  In same cases I baste a hanging sleeve, for a few a pin the sleeve on.  Some of my collection will never hand for display.

A few red themed books are also recommended.

Coulouring The Nation (see all my book marks?) is a good reference book.  Check out their website with the link.  Glorious collection of turkey reds.

I just started, "A Perfect Red"by Amy Butler Greenfield.  It has been out a while and has just made it to the top of my reading list.  So far it's been hard to put down.

There are small sewing goodies on display.

One is a sterling pin heart placed on a Westmoreland milk glass pair of hands.   Pins are inserted along the red velvet middle edge.  The loop at the top allows it to be connected to a chatelaine and added to a neck chain.

With my heart in my hand, I wish you a


  1. What a pretty and appropriately themed post, Dawn. I marvel at your red/white display. I don't even own a red/white quilt.
    So much quilty stuff to love here, but the milk glass hands really caught my eye! Gorgeous!

  2. Red and white is a perfect touch for February!!

  3. I am in love with that red quilt in the first picture. It's wonderful! I love Hawaiian quilts and it reminds me of those. Will you be reproducing it???? :D :D

  4. Your big red and white applique quilt is gorgeous! Love that one esp., but there's just something about red and white quilts anyway!

  5. Oh, yes, the perfect classic combo. It's nice that you have a great space for showcasing some of your special quilts and other vintage pieces.

  6. Beautiful!!!!! Such wonderful way to show off the month of LOVE!

    Blessings and hugs!

  7. Your room looks beautiful, Dawn! Love your little doll beds. Do you play the piano?

  8. your red quilts look great - what nice display areas you have.
    I love your "hands" dish. I have a single hand dish. Do you think they were for candy or calling cards?

  9. Beautiful red quilts--one looks like Hawaiian

  10. Beautiful quilts! And all that appliqué!

  11. Wonderful post...Happy Valentine's Day...

  12. Wonderful post...Happy Valentine's Day...

  13. I spy a piano. Do you play? We used to have an old upright piano but it had a couple broken keys. I banged around on it but never had lessons.

  14. Your Red & White quilts look SO stunning hanging on the wall!
    Just love them both!

  15. Your home looks lovely! Awesome quilts! Thanks for the tip about the Hand it Dang it quilt hanger. I pinned it for future reference. Do you play the piano? I've also made note of the books - both sound worthwhile. Happy Valentines Day to you, too!

  16. I'm just swooning' over all your red. Your quilt on the wall is FAB!!

  17. wow~! a beautiful post and your red quilts are sensationally displayed~!!

    you always share such wonderful treasures~!



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