Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lily Variations - Noah and Matilda Second Block Set

All applique, no background seam
Looks like several of you discovered the second set of the Noah and Matilda blocks are ready to download.  Even if I don't get an announcement blog post written, we will always try to get the blocks out a few days early.  Your enthusiasm is encouraging!
 Set 2 of the N/M blocks contain a variation of a lily block.
There are many variations to lily blocks in antique quilts.   Matilda's block is appliqued.  While there is a seam in the middle of her block, I chose not to seam mine.  She has seams in other blocks in order to have enough fabric.  Aren't we lucky?

The block in the example shown to the left is all applique.  The red flower petals are all one piece.

Lily variation in blues and pinks

This example is for all of you using some blue in your quilt.

The applique is done with a running stitch.
No hidden stitches!

The stems barely touch the flower.  The stem curves are gathered or eased into shape.

Some of the leaves go up, in other blocks they go down or are straight.

Closeup of the blue print.
Great fabric.

Looking forward to seeing more N/M blocks with blues.

Appliqued in a running stitch

This example uses low contrast prints.

Three prints per flower head, nine prints plus the green in one block.

My N/M lily in block set 2 is red and yellow, all applique with green stems and leaves.

There are several variations in Brackman, pieced and appliqued.  A great block to "make your own" with a variation.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at lily blocks.
Have a great week!

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Non-bloggers - send me pictures if you would like to share your blocks.


  1. I have been seeing this quilt on several of those blogs you list. It is a beauty, Dawn!

  2. What lovely lilies! I especially like that blue fabric. You know we love those close fabric shots :0)

  3. Beautiful. I better get busy here. :-) Thak you for the closeup detailed photos.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  4. Lovely examples. Fun to see how the participants are interpreting.

  5. Are these all variations on the one quilt? So humble and fun!!

  6. Thank you for the next set of patterns, Dawn.
    I love the blue in the lilies. I think I will add some blues to my collection of fabrics now!

    Thank you for the links to other bloggers making this quilt. There are a couple of new-to-me bloggers on your list.

  7. This is a really great quilt. I'm really enjoying seeing new versions of it.:)

  8. Another great block - I wish I was among the list of people making the quilt, but for now am just cheering from the sidelines!

  9. great quilt to replicate - it will be fun to watch those working on it.
    it was fun to see study the lilies


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