Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank You Friends

Signature Quilt from California Friends
This has been a month filled with thoughtfulness from generous friends.

This signature quilt is from my California quilt study friends (Repiecers).  My friend Irene (90+ and still quilting) hand quilted it.

Each block is signed - I will treasure it always!

I am so fortunate to have them as friends and I look forward to seeing them again - soon.

Blue Bird of Happiness pin cushion is from my road trip friend

This sweet blue quilt was a surprise from blogger Doniene.

I first found her blog about her cabin and house in 2011.  'Doniene's 365 Days'.
Many a Sunday morning I shared entries with my family and we marveled at her skill building and utilizing reclaimed materials.  Like this example (click HERE) with solid wood flooring.  Impressive, and she builds furniture!

Blue Bird of Happiness Quilt

For the back of this quilt she used a Blue Bird Flour sack.

These sacks are still being used today.

Read more about Cortez Milling HERE.

What a treasure.  I'm keeping it at my desk where I can enjoy both sides!

She's also a quilter - and a very generous one too.  I hope to meet her in person someday.

Isn't this a lovely quilt?

It is from C. a very special and generous friend.
No blog yet - but she should!

It too is hand quilted and made of vintage quilt fabrics.  It too hangs in a place of honor where I enjoy it everyday.

Moving is hard - but I have the support of lots of friends - and have already met many new friends in my new home!   Thank you friends.

Let's all tell a friend today how special they are...
Have a great week.


  1. My, you've been a lucky recipient! Such pretty little quilts. Doniene is a sweetheart.

  2. You are a valued friend! Thanks for sharing your surprises with us.

  3. you are loved~!!~
    all of these are wonderful little treasures.


  4. Three very special quilts. What treasures!
    Doniene is a gem and she obviously recognizes your value, too!

  5. Wonderful to have valued friends.
    Loving those quilts, all very thoughtful.
    Enjoy friend.

  6. Quilts are such a fun way to connect! What lovely reminders of friendship.

  7. Lovely post. True friends are a rare blessing. :)


  8. The quilts are beautiful but the thought behind each is even more beautiful!

  9. your friends make the move more bearable due to their generous quilts. You can remember them when you see the quilts at your new home.

  10. Ok, I would never feel up to making you something - except maybe a drink. But you are still a special friend!

  11. The repiecers were the fortunate ones.. we sooo enjoyed your sharing.

  12. What nice friends you have. The little quilts are really special. Glad you are making new friends in your new area.

  13. what sweet little quilts! I love the flour sack backing how creative.
    Glad to hear you are finding friends and doing well.

  14. Darling little quilts--from darling friends:)


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