Friday, October 26, 2012

Expression of Morris - A Finish

Fussy cut prints, and shading with prints
I have a finish - - My Expression of Morris, (Book by Katie Friesen)

I started it ...well, a few years ago.
It was a class, and all of the rest of the participants did theirs in batiks, as Katie did in her book.  I wanted to stitch with this talented applique group and they allowed me to go my own way with fabric prints.

There were doubters - but I think they came around.  Their batik choices were beautiful as well.  Show and Tell was always a treat.

Same pale blue printed ground fabric used throughout
70" x 70"

The applique is all needle turn by hand, with hand embroidery for some added detail.

It is hand quilted - outline around the shapes, 1/2" cross hatch in the background, and a four petal motif in all of the squares.

I also made two pillow cases to match, even though I didn't do the final border so it isn't bed sized.

There weren't as many William Morris reproduction fabrics when I made it, so many of the prints worked because of the color or repeat.

I enjoyed finding details in the prints, using all prints in the berries.

Katie designed an small insect in each block.   They are very subtle, and another detail I love.

I might add some additional quilting on the leaves, but it is bound and I am calling it complete for now.

These are some of the prints I used in the flowers.

The small sunflower petals include plaids and floral prints of various scale and value.

The lily petals also have floral and stripe prints.

I learn a lot stitching with friends and my applique improves with each project.

Now I'm off to work on a 'newer' project...and I'm oh so OK having multiple projects in the works!
How about you?
Have a great weekend!


  1. Dawn, your quilt is wonderful. I love the way you have used your fabrics.

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful finish! William Morris is a favourite of mine, I have a couple of applique patterns but have not started them yet ;)

    Elaine, UK

  3. Such a wonderful finish!! A beautiful quilt and I love the block with the bug in it. Such cute detail. I know what you mean about getting better as you go along in applique. I'm just starting out but I find that the more I go along the better I get.

    And multiple projects - I'm the queen of them! Doesn't help for having very timely finishes though!

  4. Another amazing quilt (why am I not surprised?!). I love your fabric choices and the bugs - so creative. I am going to learn needle-turn one of these years! I've done a little, but really need to take a good class to get some hints and tips.

  5. This is an heirloom! What amazing work--such attention to detail and incredible quilting. As much as I love batiks, I think this belongs in prints!
    I like to think that mulitple projects is the sign of a creative mind--or a frenzied one--I'm not sure which, in my case. : )

  6. Wow! Now that is a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt! A definite heirloom, no doubt about that. I'm in love. Congratulations on finishing it!

  7. Oh my gosh this is spectacularly beautiful! Your work is just beyond words. Speechless. I love the detail. So much interest here. I'm thrilled for you. So thrilled. Jumping up and down. Excited. Love it. …aka: congratulations.

  8. It's beautiful, Dawn! And I think that on a pattern like this, needle turn by hand is definitely the way to go. What size is the finished quilt?

    I'm sure the other quilts are also pretty but I can't imagine a William Morris quilt in batiks. Your fabric choices are perfect.

  9. Very, very lovely and I love your fabric choices. Sometimes you just have to go your own way and trust yourself and you get spectacular results!

  10. Dear Dawn. As allways a very beautiful quilt from your hands. The colors are so perfect und what great details.
    I too love working on several projects at one time.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Another amazing quilt. Your hands do such beautiful work. I always look forward to your blog post to see your latest accomplishments.

  12. What a beautiful accomplishment, Dawn! Your fabric choices are great. This pattern and designer are new to me so it was nice to learn of them also.


  13. That is a beautiful quilt and beautifully made. I love your fabric choices, gorgeous prints and colors.


  14. BEAUTIFUL! You've used these fabrics so well! Doesn't it feel good to have a finish?
    Multiple projects? I don't think I could work any other way!

  15. Wow - I am so never going to be able to do something like this. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm not familiar with William Morris - so new to many of the designers! I LOVE your choice of fabrics - especially since I'm not crazy about batiks!!

    I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have multiple projects - but I'm dreaming of the day when I'm not so overwhelmed!!


  17. A truly beautiful rendition. You should enter it on the blogger's quilt festival going on now. You are sure to win a prize. Love it!

  18. So incredible! Love the prints you used and your applique work is AMAZING. I definitely agree with having multiple projects in the works. Wouldn't have it any other way.:)

  19. You were inspired obviously. The quilt is so elegant.

  20. Your quilt is absolutely breathtaking. I love the fact that you went your way and made it uniquely yours with the choice of fabrics and colors. Amazing!

  21. Practice makes perfect they say. Your choice of fabrics makes the quilt. Your work is beautiful. Anxious to see the next quilt. Chris

  22. Gorgeous piece. The added detail makes it very special. I knew you were working on a Wm. Morris piece but had no idea it was this intricate.

  23. WOW! This quilt is gorgeous, love the fabrics that you have used. What method do you use to applique?

  24. A labor of love, for sure. Absolutely unique and divine!

  25. Really beautiful ! Congrats !

  26. Just perfection in every way! I cannot imagine this in batiks - your fabric choices are spot on *s*

  27. Wow, this is a gorgeous finish! Just adore anything William Morris-related. Love all the little details you included! Seriously beautiful in every way. Dixie

  28. Gorgeous - your applique is perfect! Thanks for sharing. You are clearly a very talented lady :)
    Every Stitch

  29. i always have way too many projects going at once . . . sometimes i wish i could just work on one thing at a time but my attention span is truly toooooo short~!

    love your finish~!~and it's hand quilted which is awesome. love those tiny stitches.

    i think by the time you finish a project like this one you must be very good at applique~!


  30. Truly stunning Dawn. Aren't you glad you followed your intuition? Trish


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