Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seminar 2012 American Quilt Study Group

Cindys Antique Quilts - Bed Turning Stack
It was another great seminar - as if there was any doubt!

I tried to explain AQSG (American Quilt Study Group) Seminar to a friend who is just getting into quilting.  The best thing to do is read it from their website:
"AQSG's feature event is our annual Seminar. Held in a new location every year, Seminar brings quilt enthusiasts and scholars together for a weekend engaged in quilt study. In addition to the presentation of research papers chosen for publication in Uncoverings and a renowned keynote speaker, Seminar offers pre-conference tours, roundtable discussions, study centers, and a poster session, all directed toward the interests of quilt lovers. Other events include a book signing featuring famous authors of quilt history; a live and silent auction of quilt treasures; show-and-tell of remarkable quilts, textiles and related items; an on-site quilt exhibition; and the sale of vintage quilts, textiles and sewing tools from member dealers all over the country.
Seminar presents the opportunity to view quilts from new perspectives, discuss aspects of women's and cultural history, learn the latest in documentation and research, as well as the chance to mingle with authors, quilters, teachers, and quilt community leaders. AQSG's Seminar guarantees a unique learning experience for everyone with a connection to quilts."  

Yes, all that - and did I mention it is FOUR days.

I was a member for years, enjoying Uncoverings (Order back copies HERE) before attending a seminar. I meet so many new friends each year I would encourage you to attend even if you go alone.  There is a Seminar Scholarship - as I understand only one person applied last year!  
I always pack my schedule, I make the most of being there.  You can't do everything - but I try.

Bed Turnings...check out the stack folded at the end of the table.

See more at Cindy's website
Study Centers- New York Beauty 

Click the link to Bill's Blog - more there than I can paraphrase...or do justice explaining

 There are several study center options.

This one was Virginia Gunn's
"Exploring 20th Century Quilts"

Generous AQSG Members Mary and Kate Edgar shared some choice pieces of their amazing collection at the bed turning.

They have a fabulous eye and I hope they do a book very SOON.

The bottom piece is the printed patchwork back of the previous quilt.

Poster Sessions  (One of several)
This picture is from:
Commemorative Chintz
   Kay Triplett, Lori Triplett & Xenia Cord

Summary & Focus Statement HERE 
(Scroll - several of interest)

The schedule goes on...too much to include here.
Next post I'll show the road trip there (with antique stops) and what I bought at seminar.
Please consider attending Seminar 2013 - Sept. 18-22
Charleston, South Carolina

If you've been to Charleston - what was a favorite from your trip?  Mine just might be the Iron Gates.
Have a great week!


  1. Oh my gosh!! How wonderful! I think I was a member of AQSG at its very beginnings. And then I sort of dropped out. Now look at what they do! Wow! I need to join up again. lol! Thanks for sharing -- looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

  2. Oh how I wish I could have been there. One of things on my bucket list is to visit the quilt museum in Lincoln.

  3. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to hear about your trip there.

  4. I look forward to seeing more of your experience, Dawn. Probably the only way I will ever be a part of it. : )

  5. Oh my, oh my!! Fabulouso!!!! I will have to look into the AQSG!! Very interesting! I'll be back to view these again and again!!

  6. what a fantastic opportunity~!!~
    you must still be absorbing it all.

    i'd love to go but so many obstacles . . .

    i think i'll just work on following your links for now.


  7. What an amazing opportunity! Can't wait to see more of your travels!

  8. What a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing it with those of us who couldn’t be there. Looks like it is going to be in my part of the world next time.

  9. Thank you sharing your experience. It is something I've always wanted to get involved in, but life always has other plans. Until then, it's great to learn through other's opportunities. Thanks.

  10. Looks like a great seminar as always - thanks for sharing some photos with us


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