Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lincoln Road Trip - Getting There Is Half The Fun

Scrappy T Blocks - Love the green backing - hand quilted
 My friend flew into Denver and we spent a few days around Boulder warming up for the road trip.  There were sites to see, shops to visit and plans to make.

We hit the road a few days before seminar so we had plenty of time to leave the beaten path.
We couldn't resist Ogallala, Nebraska.

Let's just say we found a few things there...and got back on the road again.

Special Lily - I should have bought it

We stopped in a couple North Platte antique shops. We admired this Prim Lily, it will probably haunt me forever!

It was really hard to leave this one behind.

Note the little side sprouts on the stem and the pink buds.  Love the little star alternate blocks.

We gave it one last hug, checked out and hit the road again.
Love the use of fabrics

We went to Saint Paul, NE and admired the brick paved main street.  Of course, The Brick Street Antique Mall was a must stop.

We had lunch at the local diner (after putting our shopping in the car) and split the lunch special.
You can justify homemade blueberry pie ala mode when you split lunch, right?

They also had the local auctions listed on a bulletin board - oh the trouble we could find with a longer stay.

There were more stops to make so back on the road we went.  By this point we were laughing so hard about our adventures we didn't want the day to end.

We stayed over night in Grand Island.

The next day was set aside for 3rd Street.
Shop after shop....we lost hours shopping.

I got this charm quilt.
Hundreds of fabrics - no repeats.
Never washed.
Hand quilted.

By this time we had the car pretty full.  Someplace I have a picture taken from the front seat showing the bags filling the back seat.  Yes, we passed up many great things and look forward to going back.

A little charm detail

This charm quilt will keep me busy for a long time checking out all of the fabrics.

Something like 500 prints.

Bound with the backing rolled to the front and machine stitched down.

Each charm is hand quilted outlining the blocks.

Very random color placement.

Quite a few neon prints.

Tape Loom

There are a few treasures I'm not sharing and I don't have pictures of what my friend bought.  What happens in Nebraska stays in Nebraska - Right?
My most exciting find was this old tape loom.
The dealer had it labeled "What Is It?"  
I knew...
I have big plans for this so stay tuned.

Thanks for following this brief summary of our road trip.  It was great fun and I look forward to more great discoveries on future trips.

Don't you think getting there is half the fun?


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovelies! Sounds like an ideal trip to me. Look forward to hearing about this tape loom.

  2. What a road trip with great quilts along the way.
    I always regret not buying a basket quilt with the setting squares being a very dark brown. This was in Hazel Kentucky so no going back for me.
    Please do tell this ignorant English women what a tape loom is?

  3. the lily quilt is interesting~!
    and you have to look pretty close to see that pale pink. i would think you could do some sketching and possibly come up with something very close . . .

    that hexagon quilt is a keeper for sure~!!~ GORGEOUS

    thanks for sharing your wonderful finds.


  4. Call the shop and purchase the quilt! I am sure they will ship it to you.

    I have no idea what a tape loom is.

  5. Sounds like a fantastic trip. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. The Lily quilt is very cool. I enjoy the piecing in the the T blocks. That red on is charming!!!

  7. Thinking you're going to have to purchase the Lily quilt after all, very unique and if you're already having second thoughts, just sayin...

  8. What a lucky find; I've never seen a tape loom. Your charm quilt is charming; love the shape of the pieces. Thanks for taking us along!

  9. Oh, I love the quilts. Was the Lily quilt overpriced? I'm just curious how you were able to leave it behind. : )
    Very interested in the tape loom. I've never heard of it before.

  10. One of these days I'm going to take a girl road trip - leaving the husband and the dog at home . . . and shop to my little heart's content. You inspire me *s*

  11. Thanks for sharing. I've shopped in Grand Island before too. :-) Your charm quilt is really pieced with so many interesting fabrics. What a historical document in itself. Can't wait to hear what a tape loom is!

  12. Getting there is definitely at least half of the fun! What an awesome trip! Will we see that lily quilt recreated any time soon? Love your hexie quilt - what a treasure.

  13. Oh wow! Fantastic! And so cool about the tape loom! Wow! Yes, getting there is definitely half the fun. lol!

  14. Sounds like a womderful fun filled trip. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh, gosh, yes, getting there is half the fun (but it depends on who you go with!!!) What a great trip, wildly successful finds.

  16. super fun!
    I love the double (quad) T quilt. I pinned it, I hope that is okay.
    Great colors.
    The loom is very interesting, never seen anything like it.

  17. Tape loom, wow, great find! (Turning green with envy here.) What are your plans for it? Making tape or re-purposing? Looks like one fabulous trip.

    I love that primitive lily, too.

  18. Your charm quilt is fantastic!! Sounds like you made sure to have a good road trip to get there!!

  19. What fun! I wish my friends enjoyed road trips as much as I do.

    What do you do with a tape loom? I have this feeling I know but can't ... quite ... remember.

  20. How was the quilt museum? I'm from Grand Island and it's alway nice to hear that you enjoyed your visit. Now that's a drive. From Denver to Lincoln that's at least 9to 10 hours. That's not so bad with a good friend for company.

  21. What a great charm quilt. It sounds like you had a great time; I agree that getting there is at least half the fun!

  22. I just found your blog and I'm glad that I did. Sounds like a great road trip. And I'm envious of that hexi quilt.

  23. Wow!!! What a fun trip - such lovely quilts - How did you leave some of them behind?!!! LOL

    Tape Loom? The plot thickens!!


  24. Love all of your quilts. Thanks so much for the show. Charm quilts are so fascinating - I could look at them for hours!

  25. Glad to get a peek at your new purchases! The one patch charm should come (with you of course) to our study grp meeting Nov. 3....One Patches! Love the tape loom. Jean in MN

  26. Love the T Blocks Dawn. I have had one of these "in my head" for a while, and think it might be time to make it. I am not usually a "blue girl" but have lots of fabrics I could use for this one. Thanks for the photos. Wendy x

  27. A tape loom? Looks interesting. How does that work?


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