Thursday, January 17, 2013

Even A Little Progress Counts

Little stars - background is the back of Catherine's Garden
I have been doing almost all hand work.

That's OK, plenty of machine sewing coming up, and it is all my choice.

The little stars don't have backgrounds.. yet.  I'm leaning towards a solid cream, but have considered a small print.  They need a little trimming first.

They finish at three inches.

Salley Morse Scarlet Letter Kit
Silk Thread on Mother Of Pearl Rings

I have continued to work on old wonderful unfinished samplers.

Salley Morse is getting close to a finish.  A few focused minutes a day is all it is taking ... and it sat for 20 years...

I put it away in 1992 - during a move, and with two preschoolers.  Sweet as those days were, hand stitching was low on the priority list.  When I restarted it I realized I had reversed the green and rust - and it is staying that way!

This weekend I spotted and old frame at the local antique shop I think might work.  I need to get back over there before it is gone.  Optimistic for a real finish - FINISHED as in stitched and framed.

Amy Mitten Vierlande Winders Keeper 

This is the reticule/thread keep progress.

This is a long term project.  After all of the stitching is done I have quite a bit of assembly.

I have been rotating my projects throughout the day - a little housework, piecing, quilting,'s better on the wrists to keep a variety of projects going.

Every little bit of progress feels good!

bulb, pebbles & water - so simple

Last but not least - our Amaryllis - this year grew to an epic height.

It is just under 3 feet tall.

We grew it on pebbles and water.

The height of the hurricane vase kept it from tipping - an added bonus.

Back to quilting...

Should the stars be finished in solid or print? A little of both?
Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!    Dawn



  1. Pretty, little stars; love those colors. They would be lovely against a cream background; just pop right out, and be so old-looking.

  2. 3 inch finished stars, oh, my oh, my. You are working on such small precise projects and everything with such tiny stitches. I like how you plan out your day, small rewards. Depending on what you're finally doing with the stars,maybe a little of both solid and prints?

  3. I love the stars with the stripes - really nice! I'm not sure what I'd put them on but if it's a print, it would be a small one so as not to detract from all the work you did on the stars. And your stitching is beautiful! I have a sampler hiding around here somewhere that I should finish. It just seems I'd rather work on quilts while it's cold here.

  4. Your stars are SO cute! I love muslin, but what about shirting? Might be cute....just an idea. Hope your day is lovely.

  5. Your stars are SO cute! I love muslin, but what about shirting? Might be cute....just an idea. Hope your day is lovely.

  6. The little stars are scrumptious! I really do not think it matters what you use, solid or small print. I think either will look great.

  7. Oh yes, a little progress is a good thing!! I have learned that you have to be at home to get anything done though--need to stay here--wish life would just slow down!!! I love your little stars--very sweet. How about the moda muslin that has a varigated appearance to it??? I am using it in a primitive gatherings quilt project--it is just great. Looks old due to the variances of colors throughout the piece of muslin. Just a thought--I am sure you will come up with a great background for these little sweeties!!

  8. *hmmmm* just when I thought that some of my old, unfinished projects were weighing me down - you give me hope that they might revive . . . .if I just wait long enough *S*

  9. Dawn, your little 8-pointed stars are so sweet! I just love em! And I vote for solid cream backgrounds. I'm doing one, too, following a quilt I saw on the Museum of the Confederacy at It's the Shelton 8-pointed star quilt....I just fell in love with it!

    And your sampler is gorgeous! I'm so glad you are finishing it! It deserves to be out and admired!

    And I'm so jazzed to be getting that book! Thanks again! :o)

  10. I made that same Sally Morse sampler. Hangs in my living room.

  11. I used to do cross-stitch years ago when my kids were little but I got discouraged with my thread box always being dumped over! Beautiful work! Your hand pieced stars are very sweet looking.

  12. Ahh, I love all your work! Love those stars, and your stitching too! Sally looks fine as is -- why switch the colors back!

  13. Congrats to Regan on the book!
    Love your little stars and the stitching is amazing...looks really tiny too:)

  14. You know how I love stars - and these are perfect!! Of course, I'm kinda traditional - so solid cream would be my choice - but you know - what you choose will be wonderful!!

    Congrats to regan!! How fun!!

    Have a Colorful Colorado Day!!


  15. I would probably chose muslin for the stars--they are so sweet!
    That has got to feel SO good to be getting that sampler finished. Such a lesson there--just a few minutes a day!
    Your long term project is looking fantastic, Dawn!
    Congrats to Regan!!

  16. Love seeing your projects. Hand work is so relaxing. Your amaryllis is beautiful. Look forward to seeing that 20 year project completed. Your children must be close in age to mine. Seems like such a long time ago.
    Congrats to Regan.

  17. Your amaryllis is fabulous! Your little stars are really lovely.
    You're making great progress on the stitchery!

  18. Your little stars are so beautiful. And I love your stitching.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  19. So difficult to decide but they are so pretty in their own right I wold be tempted to go for a solid colour background.

  20. The little stars are very cute! How about various shirtings for their background?

  21. I just love those stars!! The prints you used for them are wonderful. It looks like I have another quilt to add to the never ending list. I think that a small print would look nice with the start.

    And that is good that you're getting an old WIP finished up. It looks great!!

  22. Stars and samplers - I'm positively swooning over all your projects! Your amaryllis is a beauty too - red is always my favorite!

  23. Calm soothing hand work! I.LIKE.

    Your samplers are inspiring! Your post made me think of one I started somewhere at least 15 yrs. ago. I think I might know where it is!!

    You are so so creative!

  24. i really like to work that way too; several projects waiting for a few stitches in between the daily chores. it does break up the monotony of housework and i think my ADD(ish) brain feels most comfortable with this schedule.

    that red amaryllis is stunning~!!~

    as for your tiny stars . . . i think i would find it difficult to choose too . . . i do wonder about a tiny shirting print though . . .

    it's so good to get to visit your blog again~! i've really missed a lot.



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