Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doll Bed Quilt Turning

wool hooked rug

As promised I pulled the first doll quilts out of the cupboard.
I'll start with a few - so the post isn't too long.

This precious old one is a favorite.

It's scrappy, pieces within pieces, and who can resist the pink?

The backing is a coarse feed sack woven, and the hand quilting is like a baptist fan.

The little hooked rug is faded - but a sign it was used and loved!

Here's the back.
The muslin sheet is against it so you can see a comparison in the fabric thread count.

Cotton hooked chair pad used as a rug

I think the maker used scraps from a kit to make this hexagon quilt.

The 'flowers' are a mix of blue and green solids.

Here's another clue it is from kit scraps, faintly I can make out:

Sunshine Quilt Co

It is finished off with a nursery rhyme feed sack backing.

What better use of leftover HST's than a little quilt?
Border fabrics do not have to match!

If you have some HSTs and squares, how about combining them...
they don't have to be the same size!
This one is hand quilted and the colors remind me of taffy.

Fussy cut panels make great little quilts.
This one was tinted, hand appliqued and hand quilted...just not water proof!

Last for this batch, but not least.  how about the 1970's?
I love all those dot fabrics all placed together...

I hope you enjoyed this 'turning'
Have a great week!


  1. Great show. My fav is the first. Love the inside of the cupboard.

  2. You have wonderful little doll quilts to go with the best doll bed & amoire. Treasures! And rugs too. Do you have an antique doll for the bed?

  3. Lovely, lovely! Thanks for sharing these. Look forward to more!!

  4. Yes, they are all mine - well, technically maybe not! My DD played with them way back when - are they mine or hers?
    I do have a small collection of mohair bears.
    I also have a cermaic set of a repro German Doll that needs to be assembled and dressed!

    1. Love all the little quilts!! They are adorable! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a treat to see this sweet quilt show at the end of a long day! Love each one of these, and the little rugs are precious too. Thanks so much!

  6. Oh yes, I enjoyed it very much! Love all the doll quilts! I'd love to see your mohair bears too. :D :D

  7. Very fun! Love a good bed-turning...

  8. what a treat~! thank you for sharing these sweet little treasures.
    i couldn't pick a favorite. they are all so amazing and special~!!!~
    and there's more . . . i can hardly wait~!


  9. I love all of those little quilts. Those hexagons have to be really tiny. The quilting is just beautiful, too.

  10. I love the first one and that last one wow!!!!! how freeing to put all those fabrics in the same quilt.
    what a treasure this cabinet is , oh how I want an antique doll bed for my little quilts
    thanks for sharing always enjoy viewing your treasures

  11. Oh my! they are just sooooo cute!!!! I love them all!!! Just goes to show that scrapes can look sensational and don't have to be award winners to please the heart!!!! Thankyou so much for sharing these precious treasures!!!!

  12. Love the armoire, love the quilts. Thank you for sharing your beautifulcollection with us. Ady

  13. Super sweet quilts!! I loved the mini bed turning:)

  14. what a delight! I love the cabinet, the quilts and the rug. I too love the first quilt best.
    Thanks for a wonderful show

  15. I make quilts in all sizes but doll quilts are my very favorite! These are just wonderful to see. I can't tell where the boy panel ran. Since you said it's not water proof I thought it must have. I think I like the top quilt best. It must be the fabrics because I don't normally pick triangles.

  16. I love the way you are sharing your little quilts. It is like they just came out of the cupboard for show:) Such fun!

  17. Thanks for sharing your treasures! I think the first and last shown were my favorites!

  18. Soooo cute...I love tiny, and these are all adorable!

  19. Vos deux derniers articles (posts) font remonter en moi des souvenirs d'enfance.
    Mon oncle m'avait construit une armoire de poupée. Pour Noël, maman m'offrait une parure de drap ou des habits de poupées qu'elles confectionnait en secret.
    J'y ai beaucoup joué. Je vais en parler à ma maman. J'aimerai bien la retrouver.
    Merci pour ce moment de Bonheur. Merci beaucoup.

    Your two articles trace in me of childhood memories.
    My uncle had built a wardrode doll. For Christmas, Mom gave me a bed sheet or clothes dolls she sewed in secret. I've played a lot. I'll talk to Mom. I would love to find her.
    Thank you for this moment of happines. Thank you very much.

  20. Oh Dawn, your doll quilts are wonderful and I am crazy about the wardrobe thank you for sharing...I injoyed your pictures!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  21. Thoroughly enjoyed the bed turning. Great quilts thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh my, these are so precious! Love the wardrobe and all its dear contents. Wonderful bed turning :)


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