Sunday, January 22, 2012

Road To California Quilt Show 2012

Here are some of the quilts from Road To California.  I only had a small amount of time.  There is a link below to the winners.  I took some photos of some to share with you.

Another great show!
Hats off to all quilters who enter their work in shows and all of the volunteers who make the shows possible.

From the Nancy Mahoney Special Exhibit:

1930's Ozark Tiles 60" x 80"
Tag Text: Author's Collection (Nancy Mahoney)   Hand quilted by Laura Lipski
The shades of blue which radiate from the center of the quilt starting with pale blue to a royal blue adds interest to the viewer's eye.  She likely designed the layout of this pattern without a design wall.

1930's Ozark Snowball 70" x 84"

Tag Text:  Author's Collection (Nancy Mahoney)  Hand Quilted by Laura Lipski
This was an old quilt top I bought many years ago at a flea market in Mass.  It is pieced with old feedsack fabric and the squares subtly set the busy patterns in the blocks.  This was pieced by hand during the depression but I think it's a very happy quilt with all of the pastel colors that were used.  Laura left the natural edge and appliqued the edge to the border.

1930's Snowball Quilt 70" x 84"
Authors Collection
Hand quilted by Laura Lipski
Tag Text:  An antique top I purchased many years ago.  The special appeal was the 'left over' star scraps the quilter used to border the quilt.  Laura kept the natural edge and blind stitched it to the backing fabric.  The choice of solid and printed feed sack prints makes this a cheerful quilt.

1860's Ozark Tile 80" 80"
Tag Text: Author's Collection (Nancy Mahoney)   Hand quilted by Laura Lipski
This quilt was pieced with scraps from men's shirting and other household clothing.  Most of the center squares are shades of red and burgundy, sometimes thought to be the fire reflecting the warmth of a home.  Notice a few of the center squares are pieced from flannel fabric.

Baltimore In The Provence Eileen Heck Somis CA
Tag Text:  Hand Appliqued and hand quilted by Eileen.
The inspiration came from French Toile fabric with its pastoral scenes.  When a piece of sheep fabric was given to me by a friend this was the beginning of Baltimore in the Provence.
Maker's Original Design
Traditional Applique Ribbon Winner

The Bizzy Bird Farm Julee Prose Ottumwa IA
Tag Text:  Since it is so heavily appliqued (660 Circles), I did the same with the hand quilting, using curly Q's and outlining.  Much 'fussy' cutting with Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  Changed the outside border from the original pattern by adding cats, many birds and one goat.  There is so much to look at, thus the name Bizzy Bird Farm.
Traditional Applique
Kim McLean Pattern?

I have to tell you - the quilt below - about 4" or 5" blocks!! stunning hand quilting too...
Mon Petit Maltimore  Susie Wimer  Ranson WV
Tag Text:  I love 19th century style applique, but did not want to make a quilt using someone elses pattern.  I didn't plan this quilt.  I started by making one small block, then another, using fabric left from other projects.  I loved letting the designs emerge, using themes from antique albums and other 19th century genres.  For the cutouts I just put scissors to paper and experimented.  The quilting took two months, stitching everyday.
Traditional Applique Ribbon Winner
Makers Original Design

Detail of fourth block last row - about a 4" block!!

A Thousand and One Berries?  Charlotte Schoonover Rapid City SD
 Tag Text:  I enjoy hand applique and fell in love with Susan Garman's pattern "The Lily Roseberry Quilt"   I did add the scallop border which made the quilt pop.  It is machine quilted on my Bernina 180.
Commercial Pattern:  The Lily Rosenberry Quilt by Susan Garman   (Link below)

Civil War Bride Janice Hartmen Gilbert AZ

Tag Text:  I had been collecting civil war fabric and fell in love with this quilt and its history when I saw it on the Internet.  I enjoy hand applique.  It was fun choosing fabric for each block.
Innovative Applique
(The authorized book is listed below)

There was also a special exhibit by the McLean Quilters (Virginia).
As part of a guild challenge they were asked to take a 1940s quilt block and use it as the inspiration for a new quilt.  The vintage blocks were taken from two sets.  The link below will take you to their photo album.
Thanks to fabulous sponsors this exhibit is able to travel!

I could never be a quilt show judge - could you?

Have a great week!!

Road to California Winners 2012 HERE
Nancy Mahoney HERE
McLean Quilters Unlimited Special Exhibit - Vintage Revisted HERE
   Also HERE (Scroll to the bottom)
Lily Rosenberry Pattern HERE
Official Civil War Bride/Bride of Paradise Book HERE
Kim McLean Patterns HERE


  1. The Road to CA quilt photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them with us. So much beautiful hand applique and hand quilting. Must have been a sight to see.

  2. thank you for sharing the photos of this great show as well as the many links~!


  3. Incredible quilts! And I want Laura Lipski (whomever she may be) to come hand quilt all of my vintage tops. : )
    Thanks for letting us enjoy the show!

  4. OMG just amazing....OH How I wish I could have been at this show. Beautiful hand quilting, hand applique what could be better? no I could never be a judge
    thank you for sharing

  5. What great quilts! I love seeing them -- thanks for sharing!

  6. What wonderful quilts - thanks for sharing! I especially love the one with the small blocks and amazing hand!

  7. Gosh these are so amazing. I love how inspiring and humbling they are at the same time. Gosh thank you so, so much for all the sharing. A real treat!!!

  8. Great photos. This is always my favorite show *s*

  9. Wow! These are amazing. I'd love to get my hands on the quilt in picture #2 to see how it was sewn together. It's hard to tell in a picture but it looks like there must be a lot of set-in seams.

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos of those quilts. This is quilt show drought period here so it's nice to take a virtual visit.

  11. What an amazing show that must have been . Thanks for sharing a small part of it with us. I couldn't tell you which one impressed me most, so I guess I couldn't be a judge either. Bonus of the job would be to get up close and personal with the quilts, though.

  12. Dawn, thanks for sharing the show. Beautiful quilts. I couldn't be a judge either.

  13. I just LOVE Baltimore quilts - or anything in that vane. If only I were more talented.....

  14. Dawn,
    Thanks for sharing both the antiques and some new quilts. The Baltimore Album is from my new FB friend Susie and the blocks are tiny. Lucky you to get to see it in the cloth.

  15. Thanks for sharing these beauties! I especially like the quilts from the 30's.
    And, no, I wouldn't want to be a quilt judge!

  16. What gorgeous quilts and to think of all of the hours spent on the applique' and hand quilting. Looks like it was a great show.


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