Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AAQI Start for 2012 and Thanks Susie K

9" Square Scrappy
I have more old quilts and needlework tools to show you this year, but first a couple updates...

Last year I won a giveaway from Susie at Needleturnings.

Seems like it was only yesterday!

Susie sent me a generous amount of fabric and I decided to make a couple AAQI quilts before I make something for me!

The first one I made includes (5) 3" nine patch blocks with alternating solid blocks.  This one finished at 9" square.  I hand quilted it.

9" x 12" Conversationals

This one is 9" x 12" and just makes the AAQI size cut off.

I fussy cut some of my conversationals - LOVE these prints!!  Aren't they nice with the blues she sent?

I haven't quilted this one yet - I'm thinking of a simple diagonal line through the blues.

This year I plan to send my AAQI donation quilts in small batches rather than one at a time.

8" x 10" Brown , Black and Pink

The third one in this batch also has browns with black and pink.

This one is machine quilted with dark thread.

It was fun to hear from the people who bought my 2011 donations.  (Contact info is optional)

8" square

This is the little AAQI quilt I bought in Houston.

There wasn't contact info on the quilt (it's optional).  Thanks S.C!!

The maker (SC) used a vintage block and hand quilted it.  I was very happy to bring this one home.

Thanks again to Susie!!

I also have this version of one of Susie's quilts she made  HERE

I added a border to mine, hand quilted it and hung it up.

Now I'm off to finish the conversational 'Little' then get them registered.

Have a great week!!


  1. Very nice little quilts. Good of you to do these!

  2. Very nice quilts, and for a very important cause too. I like the one you bought as well. Love that last quilt too -- so pretty!

  3. Glad you are putting the scraps to use and making such treasures from them. Share the love!

  4. I love all your little quilts. When will we see the updated quilt wall?

  5. OOO, Ahhh, lovely little quilts!! How fun!!

  6. You are so good about these AAQI quilts. I'm sure these will be snatched up quickly.
    Love the blue and brown combo on Susie's quilt, and the borders are perfect.

  7. Very kind of you to make such nice AAQI quilts to help raise funds, and for you to purchase one as well. All the quilts you showed today are very nice, but I particularly love the last one because of the way you used a different fabric on the top border from the other three sides. Cool!

  8. Your small AAQI quilts are all so pretty. All looking so different.
    I see, you are busy building houses. The houses are so cute. I hope to get a few done.
    Have a great week.

  9. This is like a mini quilt show. What a treat. I have lovely impressions of all of them. You've inspired my creative side and warmed my heart with the giving expressions of kindness.

  10. That little brown quilt is just *singing* my name . . . . I feel inspiration coming on.

  11. Fantastic Dawn!! All treasures that will raise a lot of money.

    Love your blue and brown quilt. I saw Susie's and fell in love with it as well!!

  12. Love your conversational mini...fun conversational prints are getting harder to find.

  13. Those are really nice little quilts - love the colors! I hope they fetch a good price. Oooohh, the block you got in Houston - fabulous!!! I love old blocks.

  14. Love em all! I think I'll have to try a blue and brown one too. Thanks for sharing them.

  15. I love the block you got in Houston, but I really like the last one pictured.

  16. wow~!!~you have some created some wonderful tiny quilts for this excellent cause~!!~ i especially like the converstational piece but all are fabulous. it's fun to see some small doll-like pieces on the AAQI site. i like the art pieces but my favorites are always those that look like little dolly quilts.

    the one that you got from Houston is adoreable and what a great idea to use orphan vintage and antique quilt blocks.


  17. Thanks for the stories of your little AAQI quilts. My mom suffered from Alzheimers for years and my sister and I are both doing quilts this year... I want mine to be done by April 26 which was her b'day.


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