Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nanny Brooch and Pink Lemonade Finished

This is a Nanny Brooch from about 1880/1910.

The 'stone' is called Goldstone.

Inside are needles and thread - for those quick mending jobs on the go!

Brass and goldstone jewlery pieces are less expensive than precious gems and gold.  The 'story' of these brooches is that they were worn by nannies for quick mending jobs while out and about with their charges.  Real gold and gems were not suitable to their position or income.

Styles vary but the general look is the same.  The back of mine is stamped with a makers style number:

Open view:
One end unscrews for access to thread and needles.

No mending this week!

However, Pink Lemonade was finished.

I chose a few golds putting the matching fabrics on the diagonal.

I decided on a triple set of lines through the alternate squares.
SITD for the pieced blocks.

It is machine quilted.

Thank you Lori (Humble Quilts) - it was a fun project.
I had been wanting to do a project with partial blocks...

UPDATE:  Click HERE for Lori's show of pink lemonade quilts.

If you have a nanny brooch I'd love to hear from you!
How many people made pink lemonade?  I'm seeing it all over!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I never heard of a Nanny Broach. Interesting to learn about them.

  2. your pink lemonade turned out beautifully. i am going to be starting on mine later today. i will be stitching in some straight lines over the 'blocks' part of the quilt (much like you've done in your alternate blocks). . . while i'm doing that i'll think of what i'd like in the alternate blocks . . .

    the nanny pin is interesting. a great way to carry those necessary tools around and use just when needed~!


  3. I like the way you quilted your pink lemonade...I am always looking for different ways to quilt my quilts.
    I enjoyed making mine too.
    The nanny pin is interesting.

  4. I absolutely love the Nanny Brooch. Never heard of that before--fascinating. And I recall that as a child I thought the Goldstone jewelry that I saw was lovely and was sure it was so valuable. So disappointed when I learned it wasn't.
    Pink Lemonade turned out great. I haven't quilted mine yet. I like your variety in the golds.

  5. I don't have a nanny brooch -- wish I did though! Love your Pink Lemonade quilt! So pretty!

  6. What a cool little brooch! Never seen on like that before...

    I have the top made for my pink lemonade finished. Hopefully will get it quilted this week. Yours came out great.

  7. What a wonderful nanny broach, never seen anything like that before!!
    Your Pink Lemonade turned out beautifully! I have yet to baste and quilt mine, and I love that you used a dark fabric for the binding, I had been wondering what colour to use, I may do the same, it frames it nicely!!!

  8. You are a mine of information on antique gadgetry. Where did you learn all about it. And I wonder how much more is left in your vast cupboard. Thanks for passing all this info on. I love hearing it.

  9. I loved reading about your Nanny brooch. These are few and far between and I am always on the look out for one for my collection.
    Also love the colors on your Pink Lemonade, congrats on your finish.

  10. The nanny brooch is beautiful!!! What a treasure! The pink lemonade is adorable!!!

  11. I have never seen a Nanny brooch before. Fascinating!

    Congratulations on your finish. I love all those gold fabrics.

  12. Never seen or heard the story of a Nanny Brooch before - so interresting to read.
    Your Pink Lemonade is lovely.

  13. I had never heard or seen a nanny brooch - very cool...and thanks (as always)for the education! I love your Pink Lemonade - I still haven't given in to the temptation - but I probably will! I've seen so many in blogland and I think I need one of my own. Love your triple line quilting.

  14. I didn't do Pink Lemonade - I'm working on my Cherry Trees quilt instead - but I love yours! I've always liked pink and yellow quilts. I could use one of those Nanny broaches. Someone should start making them again and put them in quilt shops. They're a fantastic idea. Whenever we have a family gathering, I have to remember an emergency mending kit. It looks like a safety pin may be the only thing that wouldn't fit. I love seeing all the things you find!!!

  15. Thanks for the info on the nanny brooch. Your posts are always so interesting. I'm quilting my Pink Lemonade with diagonal grid. I love to hand quilt small projects.

  16. The nanny brooch is so cool!! I've never heard of it.

    Love the pink lemonade quilt!! The different yellows are perfect!

  17. Oh I don't have a nanny brooch and didn't even know they were in existence. How super neat!!! I love how you finished up your Pink Lemonade. Now that's super nice. Seriously. Well done. *karendianne.

  18. The nanny brooch is interesting...thank you for the information.

    I like the way you quilted your pink lemonade quilt.

  19. A finish already! Congrats on your luscious version of Pink Lemonade--I like your quilting choices too. I've never heard of a Nanny Brooch but just saying that name is fun :) Thanks for the lesson.

  20. Never heard about a nanny brooch before! Thanks for the history lesson. You have a fabulous finish to your Pink Lemonade quilt. I bet you are glad it is already quilted.

  21. Love the nanny brooch! Isn't it amazing that our foremothers had something so much nicer than those little plastic travel sets we have now.

    Love your Pink Lemonade and the scrappy golds! Seriously, there is not one of these that is not a winner. Lori's DQAL's are always a treat!


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