Sunday, January 15, 2012

Radical Rose and Reel with 1823 E Seaman Sampler

I'm excited to share this grouping of treasures with you.
It includes antiques and reproductions - but all treasures I think you might like.

The sampler is a reproduction and I have yet to find the chart so I can give credit to the pattern maker.
It reads "E. Seaman Aged 7 Years 1823"
I added my name below hers.
I hemmed it with a pulled thread technique.  It will be top mounted in its new frame.  I stitched it back in the 1980's.

UPDATE 1/29/2012 The Eliza Seaman sampler is an authorized reproduction from The Examplary.
The original is housed in the textile collection of the Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit Michigan.  It is officially the Eliza Seaman Leggett Sampler.   Eliza was born in New York City on May 9, 1815.  She bacame an energetic figure in Detroit's social history.  Her contributions included the flying of the American flag over schools, clubs for women, women's sufferage and the sheltering of runaway slaves.  This small marking sampler was executed in 1823 when Eliza was 7 years old.  A marking sampler was generally the first attempt at embroidery by young hands.  As a child's education progressed, the sampler became more pictorial and techniques broadened. (From package insert) 
Contents in the hidden drawer

The pin cushion has a hidden drawer.

The pin cushion top has had many repairs, but I love having pieces that have been used and loved.  Under the cushion something was added for weight.  It can be used to hold work pieces in place.

Inside the drawer is a needle package, mother of pearl wax wheel and a thimble.

Notice the bias seam on the silk side piece.

Solid Red / Green Print on solid cream ground

The quilt is hand appliqued red and green purchased in Pennsylvania.  It has been dated to around 1840 -1860.

It is a unique composition.  The maker combined elements of 'Oak Leaf and Reel' with 'Whig Rose'.  I think it is a beautiful quilt.

The hand quilting is exquisite and includes feathers, flowers, circles and an interesting leaf motif.  The filler quilting between motifs is a soft wave.

The binding is the backing very narrowly turned to the front.  The quilt is completely hand stitched.

43" x 43"

I made a single block version in COLORS and added a pieced border.

I machine quilted it using many of the same quiting motifs.   It is hand appliqued with a variety of prints.

Lately, I just can't seem to get enough of lime/acid green!  I think the blue dot is a nice ground for all of the color.

We've patterned this quilt and included all the details and lots of options.

-  Two block sizes (24" and 30") in Full Size Patterns

- All of the original quilting motifs and their placement

- Optional applique and pieced border patterns

I can see this in a 4 block many options!

The pattern is in our Etsy Store HERE.

So glad you could stop by today!  I hope you enjoyed this grouping.

Have a great week!


  1. Oh my! Three more unusual items. Your quilt is beautiful. I particularly love the quilting I can see in the top picture. Well done for putting out the pattern.

  2. Love that little pincushion with its drawer and contents--and the sampler looks very vintage. Nice job!
    What a stunning quilt, and I love the single block you have made. Wow, the colors really pop, and the pieced border is a wonderful touch! Gorgeous!

  3. Ohhh, I love that red and green quilt!!! Beautiful!

  4. You always post the most interesting sewing antiques.

  5. What a great post! I love all three pieces! The little pincushion is so unusual, and even has lovely treasures inside! The quilt -- so spectacular! Just stunning! I love what you did with your version as well. Thanks for making a pattern for it. I shall have to keep it in mind -- maybe sometime I will purchase the pattern when I'm back into quilting.

  6. Your appliqué quilt is beautiful and I really like your color version. I think a four block quilt is an excellent idea. Lime green has been a favorite of mine since I was 12. I cannot get enough of the poison green repros.

  7. Whauw I love this quilt, it so pretty.

  8. Hurray on getting the pattern ready. I am sure it was a lot of work. And I see you have had several lookers on Etsy already.
    You have wonderful antique sewing items. I have never seen a pincushion like the one you are showing. A treasure to have along with the red & green antique quilt.

  9. Your version of the antique quilt is absolutely breathtaking. The combination of vibrant colors on that blue background makes it very special.

  10. Lime green is my favorite color. I am pretty traditional but I love the the colors you chose for yours. It really makes it look different

  11. What beautiful quilts - both the original and the one you made with all the colors! I like the blue background, too!

  12. Wonderful antique just beautiful. Your version is likewise great.

  13. What beautiful quilts in this post. I just love your version of the block.

  14. always a treat to see your collectibles and the pattern "Radical Rose and Reel" is beautiful. i agree with you, it would make a wonderful four block quilt~!


  15. Wow! What a fun pincushion- the history it has seen!! Lovely quilt, Dawn!!

  16. What a delicious applique quilt and even tastier that you have recreated the pattern! Love it!

  17. Goodness -- I don't think I have ever seen a pincushion with a drawer.

    Beautiful quilting!


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