Sunday, January 8, 2012

Want to see inside the cupboard?

A request was made to see the doll armoire that matches the sleigh bed pictured HERE.

The armoire was made by the same woodworker, and bought as a set.

This is a detail of the top.

The piece measures 32: x 19.5"

The knobs are porcelain, they do line up - one door is slightly open.

The doors aren't closed tight because...the cupboard is FULL.

Doesn't it have great construction details?

Let's open the doors....

The kind of storage a doll can love.

Hanger space, slanted shoe rack, drawers and shelves.

For now a bonnet is on the hanger post.

Children's Needlework Kit on the shoe slant.

Spool Knitting on the shelf.  Did you spool knit?  I did.  You can read about it HERE.
For those of you who want to give it a try here's a free Kindle Book from 1909 HERE.
   Spool Knitting by Mary A. McCormack

I made Raggedy Ann and Andy in 1984, they are 3.5"
I remember a long fabric search for a tiny red ticking stripe.

The Children's Needlework and Embroidery Box is a kit with pre-stamped squares and floss.

I'd like to think they are intended for quilt squares.

The back of the box has hand writing,
"To Dorothy from Harvey"

Are you wondering about the quilts folded up on the armoire shelf?
These are a few of my old ones for the bed.
Next post - what do you say....pull them out and put them on the bed?
A doll bed quilt turning?


  1. OMG! Love it! Love how it looks like a full sized cupboard with the quilts and all. Have to put those quilts out for sure! I want to see. :D

  2. Lovely post. When you opened the cupboard door I felt my breath shoot out from me. WOW. I Know it is early but that is the most amazing sight for 2012! Can't wait to see those little quilts out on the bed. I am in love with that cupboard and its contents.

  3. What a sweet little armoir, beautifully made!!! Love the vintage children's embroidery box too, I remember pre-stamped designs, and iron-on transfers, haven't seen such things for years!!!

  4. That is a beautiful piece of furniture and I love the things you've put in it. Raggedy Ann and Andy are so cute!
    Yes, a doll quilt turning is a wonderful idea!

  5. I vote for doll quilt show and tell!

  6. Ohh, just gorgeous!!! What a treasure trove in that beautiful armoir!
    Can't wait for the doll bed quilt turning!!

  7. All so charming. Can't wait to see the doll quilt bed turning. Oh so special!

  8. Yes, I did spool knitting, back in the day. : )
    What a little treasure that armoire is! So cute!! And everything in it is perfect, Dawn.
    Yes, let's see those doll quilts!

  9. Absolutely! A quilt turning would be wonderful. Where ever do you find all your things - like the furniture? I'd love to find one since I haven't mastered all my saws yet.

  10. OMG~!!!!!!!!!!~ i thought that little cupboard was cute and then you showed the inside of it and i swear, my heart skipped beats~! that is just so amazing and you've outfitted it perfectly~! YES PLEASE a quilt turning next~!!~



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