Thursday, March 8, 2012

Toile and Transferware

Fabric:  Moda French General linen/cotton  #54093
I don't always use my fabrics in quilts.

Sometimes, a simple hem ... and a table cloth or runner is born!  It can always be cut up later...

Toile and transferware are perfect because there beautiful designs 'make' a  table setting - no piecing or quilting needed.
Currier and Ives dishes were collected by my grandmother at her local A&P grocery store as a point of sale feature.  She saved stamps earned with each purchase and then traded the filled books for the dishes.

In The Beginning Panel Fabric

I like to mix colors and patterns.
Dishes:  Rural England, Crown Ducal Gainsborough England
                     (beautiful textured edge on the bowl)
              Royal Stafford - black and brown colorway

The fabric is a reproduction from In The Beginning - I think it is out of print.  If you know - I'm happy to update this.

There is a picture of the same print on the cover of Antiques Magazine, August 1946 - Volume L Number 2
"The date and source of this cotton print are both a bit uncertain.  The original source of the window design was quite probably Mesangere's book on interior decoration published in France from 1802 to 1830, but we hesitate to guess whether the fabric was actually printed in France, England or the US."
The fabric pictured on the cover is a green colorway.

This is an Australian toile fabric.
Drover's Welcome

"This toile shows a drover returning to his home after weeks spent out in the bush. The main images show the solitude of 

his days and nights alone and the joy and relief of his waiting family as they run out to greet him on his safe return. Other images include the billy boiling on his camp fire, mighty gum trees and native galahs and kookaburras."

Spode Blue Room Reproduction of "Floral" first introduced c. 1830    Print from a hand engraved copper plate.
Harvard, England side bowls

This is a Braemore Toile Reproduction - home dec weight, but light enough it can easily be included in a quilt or hemmed as is.

Pink/Brown Spode Archive Collection
   British Flowers - 'Rosa' First Introduced c.1831

Spode Blue Room Collection 'Botanical' First Introduced c.1820
Both from hand engraved copper plate

Do you have toile prints in your stash?  Use them often?

Have a great weekend!!


Toile De Jouy Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style
        (Melanie Riffel, Sophie Rouart, Marc Walter)
        ISBN 0-500-51149-7
Toiles De Jouy   (Judith Straeton)
        ISBN 1-58685-156-X
Toiles for All Seasons French & English Printed Textiles
         (Starr Siegele)     ISBN 1 593730306


  1. I don't think I have any toile fabrics in my stash. Though I always think they look very nice when other people use them, I'm never quite sure how to incorporate them into my work. And since I lean to the darker, muddy colors most of the time, they aren't what I look for. But I really do think they are refreshing to see in quilts and linens.

  2. OMG,... I'm in love,...
    Yes I have a lot of toile fabrics in pink, red, blue, black and brown. I often use them at the back of the quilt.
    Groetjes from The Netherlands!

  3. I have a few pieces of toile and transferware. The toile is a challenge for me to use so it usually ends up on the back of my quilts. Your collections are lovely - especially the blue in the Australian toile.

  4. I love transferware too. I have a small collection of pitchers.

  5. Okay, I'm coming to your house!! And if anything comes up missing - do not look in MY suitcase!!! LOL First of all I am crazy about transfer ware and have several pieces of the Currier and Ives!!!! I have a few pieces of green and one brown plate that was my grandmother's!! I love toile - haven't used it in quilt, but love it as table linens!! Blue and white are my favorite and the drover's toile you have is priceless!!

    OOOO la la!!! What eye candy you shared today!! I'll have to come back to this post and feast again and again!!!!

  6. I have a few toiles in my fabric collection. I think I need more.
    Have a great day!

  7. I love the Currier and Ives! It is beautiful and I bet it sets a gorgeous table with the toile.

  8. First I love transferware! Second, did you see the spoonflower contest last week where folks designed their own Toile? The winners are at

    This week they are designing robot cheater cloth!

    1. I LOVE Spoonflower.
      I'm planning a few prints myself, it is so FUN!!!

  9. Thank you for such an informative post today. I have a few pieces of toile fabric but always hesitate to cut them up and put them in my quilts. I stand and drool over how pretty they are and put them back in my stash. I need to get past that!

    Your dishes are very pretty. I don't have any of those and probably won't ever get into collecting them. I will just enjoy looking at what others have collected.


  10. I love both toile fabric and transferware and like you collect both in many colors. I love using the toile as a background for applique but think it is great in piecing too. It is often hard to cut into but I think it is worth the results. Sadly in a recent move some of my transferware went missing -oh well a good excuse to search for more!

  11. Oh my! So gorgeous!!! Love both the toile fabric and the transferware, but don't have much of either. I'll have to just admire and drool. lol!

  12. Your toile and dinnerware photos are just gorgeous. I love toile and have several different prints in all kinds of colors. As a project quilt along with the Jo's Stitcher's Yahoo group, I made a small quilt using Jo Morton's bird toile with an alternate block using gold and wine colors. One of my favorites.

  13. My parents shopped at the A&P but never purchased dishes like those. I think I shopped at the A&P for a little while when I first married but they long went out of business in that area. I don't know if the stores still exist any where. My son gave me four plates in a brown that are the Currier & Ives scene like those you show. I have blue & white dishes but not expensive ones.

  14. Toiles are wonderful prints. I've used them in quite a few things. I love using them in bags - they make fantastic bags. And I remember A&P but have to admit that I'd forgotten that name. Didn't it stand for Atlantic and Pacific? Or maybe not.

  15. Dawn, I love Transfer Ware and you have a wonderful collection. I have never seen the Pink and Brown what a stunner.

  16. i don't have any transferware and after reading this post i am wondering why~!?!
    as for toiles, i do have some of those. i hesitate to cut them and prefer to use them in large borders or backings.


  17. Yes, I have a few toiles in my stash (G). I often use them as focus fabrics in quilts. I like to use them as tablecloths first too, except I am too lazy to hem them. No one seems to notice!

  18. I have several pieces of toile in my stash, but I usually use them on the back of a quilt. They look lovely with your transferware. Reading about the A&P trading stamps brought back some memories, too.

  19. Beautiful! What lovely combos you have come up with. I have only used a toile in one quilt and have none in my stash, but yours are just lovely. The Aussie one is most unusual!

  20. Hello! I LOVE this post. If I let myself, I could go toile crazy! The transferware is also a huge temptation. The blue dishes really look nice combined with the red toile. I'm currently working on a red & white quilt and plan to back it with a toile. Nice post!

  21. yes yes yes yes
    I love both toile' and transfer ware. I feel they are related and always look great together. Your displays are so lovely!
    I love the brown and pink.
    I've always dreamed of having a pink and grey toile bathroom -
    thanks for the pretty post

  22. Oh Drats....I am trying to get myself to downsize my belongings and had convinced myself to sell off some of my transferware. Now after reading your blog I not only want to hang onto ALL of my transferware but I am feeling the need to go buy more toile! LOL! Thanks for the beautiful pictures....

  23. Very pretty and such a good reminder to think outside of the usual ways to use our fabrics! I have a weakness for dinner ware also....recently found 6 painted Pfaltzgraff dessert plates at an estate sale.. Thanks for the idea!

  24. I don't have much in the way of toile in my stash but you have given me a wonderful memory. . . my very first roller skates (the kind that strap on over your shoes, have a wing-nut adjustment for size, and UNFORGIVING metal wheels that tip you over when they meet the tiniest pebble) came from the Blue Chip Stamp store. Those stamps were saved, carefully glued into the books. It was a 20+ mile drive to the 'big town' over the hill that had the redemption center. A very big day for me *s*

  25. A beautiful post.

    Love all those fabrics. I have a piece of French General toile that I am resisting cutting in to.


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