Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Mary Witherwax Swap


My friend Deb told me about a swap she and her stitching friends are doing. 

Of course, we love that they chose Mary Witherwax blocks!

Her group has existed for years, bonded in friendship and love.   

They’ve moved all over the country and still retreat together when they can.

They all do hand appliqué and don’t have too many ‘rules’ for the swap.

Having a history of many group projects they know what they like.

Their ground fabrics will all be scrappy shirtings - each member making duplicates of the same blocks.

In the end - they will each have a quilt - and more memories stitched in every block.

Deb has promised some progress photos - watch this space! 

Link to digital pattern or book: HERE

Karen (Log Cabin Quilter) made her Mary Witherwax in French General fabrics.

It is in our exhibit this fall in Houston, “Antique Appliqué Revisited”

Happy Stitching,


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  1. Sounds like a really great thing to be a part of such a group. I will look forward to the updates.
    Really miss Karen's blog. Glad to hear that her quilt is in the display, and it was fun to learn that Wendy Reed also has a quilt in the exhibit of quilts from your patterns.


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