Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red And White Part 3

This is probably the last post for this quilt.
At first I thought she was pointing, but with a closer look, I think the artist intended the dog to sit or be at attention.  My dog would be jumping....

Love the detail of her clothing, the little french knots around the collar.  Very tiny stitches in the embroidery and the hand quilting.  Sighhhhh

The red thread is a little faded, but still in good shape.  I always wonder how the quilt made it to a sale.  No one wanted it?  Couldn't agree?

In this photo you can see the binding is worn, but I don't plan to do any restoration on it.  I won't use the quilt, just rotate it through to display now and again.

I love how the chair back is right along the edge of the quilt, it emphasizes the straight ladder back chair.  The little girl has no smile - an embroidery result or planned?  I had hoped the book would have writing - a clue maybe, but no.  We can only imagine the story....

Next week I have pulled out a more scrappy old quilt....
Until then - ENJOY!

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  1. I have a similar jump roping girl on a redwork quilt. Mine is frowning, I believe. My quilt is from about 1920.
    I don't think I've seen a redwork with such intense quilting, especially that disregards the embroidery. May have been quilted by a 2nd person.


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