Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy July 4 if You're Celebrating

For those of you in the USA, and those who also choose to celebrate with us - -

      Happy Independence Day Weekend!!
                   (...I'm starting early)

I have a couple of red/white & blue quilts to share - hope you do too!

This is the corner of my table runner.

It's hand quilted 'big stitch' style with pearl cotton.

This is the full runner:

I like how it 'buttons' together.
The kit was a gift from my guild secret pal several years ago.
Fused applique, machine assembled and hand quilted.
Sorry - can't recall the designer - if someone does I'll update this.

This is my coverlet quilt:

The fabric is designed by Mary Koval for Windham and I think the pattern was free with the fabric bundle.  Hand applique stars, machine pieced and quilted.
It's all about the fabrics!
More information about the Coverlet Museum and fabrics is available HERE
(Proceeds from sales there go to support The National Museum of the American Coverlet)

Similar Fee Patterns HERE

Have a great weekend!


  1. Two very unique and attractive quilts. Who would have thought to button 3 little quilts together to make a runner! And the coverlet quilt had me fooled. Beautiful!

  2. love love LOVE that table runner~!!~


  3. After Christmas, 'Patriotic' is my favorite season to decorate for *s*

  4. Oh that button table runner is adorable! And I LOVE the coverlet flag quilt!

  5. Speaking of being glad to find your blog, I'm glad I found yours too! lol! Love your patriotic quilt pieces! And I'm enjoying looking at your past posts too! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  6. Your flags all look great, but I especially love the Coverlet one. I have a similar kit for one, and every July 4th I think "gee if I start that now I'll have it done for next year." :)

  7. The flag runner is unique. What a good idea.

    The use of the coverlet fabric for the flag is just perfect. I had some of the fabrics, or similar, but have already used it. I will just have to enjoy yours.

  8. I just found your blog and must say you have really neat things here. Love your collections especially the thimble holders. I am following you now so I will be back and have to catch up with some of your past posts too!

  9. What a great idea for a table runner. Happy July 4th weekend to you, too!

  10. I enjoyed seeing both of your patriotic quilts. The coverlet one is so very creative and classic. I haven't made any patriotic quilt but this one inspires me to! Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Really love the coverlet flag quilt! Great way to use it!


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