Friday, June 10, 2011

Honeybee Applique Medallion c. 1840 Reproduction

This is a crib or lap size quilt I hand appliqued and hand quilted in 2007.  My handwork is a work in progress and small projects like this give me practice - and allow me to finish in a shorter period of time.

This is the corner detail of the bottom band.

I am working my way through the projects in the 1990 book:
"Great Little Quilts"
45 Antique Crib and Doll Sized Quilts
by Eleanor Levie
ISBN 0-8109-3353-5

I chose a stripe for the applique and a light print for the background.  Looks like is has been folded too long!  I think I finished this in 2007.   My bad...another with no label....

The fabrics are all In The Beginning fabrics, 'Antique 1800's Blends'.

It is hand appliqued and quilted.

It went together ok, and I think it is a timeless design that many fabrics could be used.  Wouldn't it be great in a scrappy version?

This is the center corner medallion detail.

It's been folded away never used or washed.  I think I could add some quilting.  The original has cross hatching fairly close together.  With so many curves I also thought about adding some echo lines around the motifs.

The original is pictured in the book and is noted as a circa 1840
39" x 51".

It is done in red print on a cream solid ground - light binding.

This is the backing & binding - same fabric line.

You can see I need to work on getting those hand quilting stitches smaller!  Always a goal....

I have a couple other projects from this book to share in future posts.  One project is basted ready for hand quilting.  If you don't already have a copy - consider picking one up.  Books such as this one are timeless.

However instead of hand quilting I have been playing with fabric!  Dreaming of future projects - hope you are too....

In the meantime I'll be starting #21 of Beyond The Cherry Trees.....

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by today.


  1. Great little quilt. Thanks for reminding me that I have this book. I will have to take another look at it.

  2. Hi Dawn - I love the print fabric from your quilt top - I have that in two colorways... and the backing - I used that print in a darker colorway for a binding recently! Your quilt is great!

  3. Dawn,
    That is a beautiful little quilt. I don't do applique, but I certainly admire it.

  4. Love that little quilt and like your fabric choice. I shall have to look out for that book it sounds interesting.

  5. Splendid fabric choice for your little quilt! Yes, I agree that the older books are some of the best. Your workmanship is better than you give yourself credit for.

  6. yes, i have this book and it's one of my favorites.
    your version of this quilt is beautiful. love that backing fabric~!


  7. I wish my hand stitches were so small! Lovely quilt - nothing like I've ever seen before. Will have to check out that book. I count playing with fabric part of the process. It requires stroking!

  8. beautiful little quilt
    I have that book have to go take it out looking for little quilts to make! oh my gosh, LOVE all those fabrics on the wall with the 2 panels
    I need to order a panel or two!!!!
    oh beautiful fabrics....
    your hand quilting stitches are beautiful...
    how much smaller can you get! ok the backing and binding is great, but the applique fabric is amazing! now why oh why didn't I buy that fabric?

  9. I've made a couple of quilts from that book...still a favorite!

  10. You sure did a wonderful job of hand-appliquing and quilting your honeybee quilt. I love it. And I love that book by Eleanor Levie, too. I accidentally got a duplicate copy of it, so I should see if anyone else wants it. You pile of fabrics is dreamy. I think we must be kindred spirits because I have the same two fabric panels and have been mulling over what to do with them!

  11. That is a beautiful little quilt.
    You did a wonderful job of hand-appliquing and quilting your honeybee quilt.
    Now i need to check out that book
    Julia ♥

  12. Very, very nice!!! I can see it in a scrappy version too.

    So you are working on Beyond the Cherry Trees, I have been saving the patterns for a rainy day and also for the Sally Post Floral. Are you downloading the files for that one too? I'm in search of Block 25, not sure how I missed it.

  13. Beautiful quilt but my eye caught the bundle of fabric and chintz centres in the last photo. I could easily play with those fabrics too.

  14. Your darling Honeybee applique quilt and mention of Ms. Levie's book prompted me to pull my copy from the bookshelf and look through it again. I'm glad you featured Honeybee in your blog today. It is so lovely.

    Donna K. from N. TX

  15. This is a little beauty Dawn! I liked that fabric collection very much.
    Those future projects looks exciting too.

  16. This is a very pretty little quilt. It's the evenness of your stitches that's important, not how tiny they are. That may be a goal, but even is more important, and your stitches look very nice.

  17. What a wonderful little quilt!! I dont have the book you mentioned but may need to add it to my library.
    Block 21 of BTCT looks like a fun block.

  18. Lovely little quilt! Not seen the book you mention so I will have to see if I can find it - sounds very nice. I see you have some of Margo's chintz panels - me too! could not miss that opportunity (poor Visa card).

  19. PS - When Kathie (Inspired by Antique Quilts) posted a picture of the book, it looked SO familiar. I have it and the quilt I'd marked to make first is the Honeybee Medallion! I love the book, too.

  20. me gustan tus trabajos son maravillosos !!


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