Monday, June 27, 2011

Triangles Part 3 and the Winner

Another scrappy Triangle Quilt - simple shape done with lots of color.

This is an equilateral 60 degree triangle - easy to make up your own template or use an acrylic ruler.

Why you're cutting - why not do a few sets - one for you, a friend and a donation quilt?

This could be called a charm quilt - one shape repeated over and over - but I quit before I got to 1,000 pieces.   This is a nice lap sized quilt.

The border purple paisleys are chasing each other around the mitering.

It is machine pieced and machine quilted.

This is a close up of the top with the corner turned over.

The backing is flannel - the machine stitches bury nicely and the quilt is really warm!

I also used a medium/light binding - I usually go dark or a stripe.  Glad I tried something else!

I tried not to duplicate fabrics - but I see I did - oh well, that's what happens in the scrap basket.

Why was I wanting to use up some of my stash - when I look at some of these I wish I had more yardage now!

I completed my June Beyond The Cherry Tree Block.

This one was great fun - I have been looking forward to it.
Changed a few things here and there...looking forward to starting the borders.  Remind me later I said that!

The rest of my blocks are in my Flickr Album.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by and left a comment on the Triangle Strippy Quilt.
It was fun 'meeting' the people reading the blog - I always wonder...who are they?
...and now I've heard from a few of you!  Great FUN.
Your ideas are wonderful and very inspiring for future projects.

The winner of the triangle give away.......Drum Roll......

Congratulations - Heidi at Between Stitches.
          "...not a matching kind of girl, I like random! I may repeat a fabric if it's a small piece, but you'll really have to look for it to find it. As for the strips and their color, I normally don't plan ahead for such things, I just design as I go along and let the quilt tell me what it needs."

Please contact me at with your snail mail address and I'll get these posted so you can start a new project!

Have a fabulous week.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your cherry tree block is awesome!! You inspired me to get back to mine, as it is partially done.
    Your quilt is fantastic. I have a hard time matching up triangles for piecing. I love how you shared the piecing trick on the strippy triangle quilt.

  2. LOVE your triangle quilt - it looks amazing! And your applique block is wonderful as well! Thanks for the show and tell!

  3. Your triangle quilt looks great. I have a box full of triangles patiently waiting for me to get my act together and sew them into something!

  4. Love the triangle quilt. Beautiful scrappiness!
    Your applique looks wonderful. What a great fabric for the bowl!!

  5. Dawn, love your triangle quilt, but what's not to love about scrappy! Your Beyond the Cherry Tree block is great - I really like what you did with it.

  6. beautiful triangle quilt on my list of someday quilt to make! Congrats to Heidi she will have fun with those triangles....
    I LOVE the fabric you used for the vase, wow, so effective, thanks for sharing.

  7. Love all of your scraps in the triangle quilt. I feel the same as you, always wishing I had more of a long time scrap to use in current projects. But new to us fabric is fun to buy, too.

  8. I have never done a 60 degree triangle quilt. They are too scary for me!! I don't know why...maybe it's all the bias edges. Your's came out fabulous!

    Deb from

  9. Beautiful! Love the flannel backing idea to hide the stitches.

  10. The scrappy triangle quilt is so appealing, and I love how you've done the BTCT block. I must get back to mine...

  11. Love the colors in this triangle quilt. Very fun!

  12. Love your triangle quilt - the fabrics/colors are fabulous! Love your BTCT block too- again, love your fabric choices - you have a great stash!
    Congrats to Heidi - what a lucky woman.


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