Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bella Bella and What is THIS?

YUWA Live Life Fabric Collection
This was a class I did as a challenge.

"Bet you can't do it in reproduction fabrics", was all I needed to hear and I was up for the challenge.  My fellow stitchers had beautiful quilts in batiks, but I stuck with reproduction prints.

I love the detail in this one.

It set the color scheme for the rest of my fabric selections.

Norah McMeeking Bella Bella Quilt Pattern

This is the finished quilt - well not really.
BUSTED - I packed it away without hand sewing the binding down!  First time I've done that.  Imagine my surprise thinking I'd finished it!?!

The book is HERE.
If you decide to make it be sure to review the 'corrections' section of the website.

Mine is larger than the cover quilt - I added the Yuwa print as the final border.

It is all machine done, except for the applique center.

It too has matching pillow cases.

What is that wood thing??
Can you help me?  It was a gift from Northern Wisconsin and is said to be a storage box for sewing.

I can't quite see how that would work?

The loop at the top was said to have attached to a belt.  It is very sturdy.

The top swings open on a metal post/rivet.  There are 6 carver compartments.  It appears to have been made from a single piece of wood.

Once closed a metal 'U' bracket swings up to hold it in place.

It is very clean inside so this particular piece was used for oily parts or nails etc.
Ever see one before?

Check out Lynne's post HERE you'll see another version of the little red toile quilt quilt!
Seems Cyndi at Busy Thimble had a kit and Nancy gifted the kit to Lynne.  How wonderful!
Makes me smile ;-)

Stay safe and have a great week!


  1. I think the quilt design works well in reproduction fabrics. Made to suit your own personal style as it should be.

  2. Your quilt is wonderful! I love it so much - and EVERYTHING can be done in reproductions. Guess you showed them!

  3. Gorgeous! IMHO, this design is screaming for reproduction fabrics. Now you have the last laugh and a beautiful quilt, too.

  4. Repros look best in every quilt, I think! Yours looks so much better than the book cover :)

  5. Your quilt is stunning and so are your fabrics! I wish I had an idea on the box but I am clueless.

  6. Wow! How gorgeous is that! Love it! ( No clue on the box. Weird, but I like it!)

  7. Your quilt is a stunning piece of work!!! You should be very proud!!! Interesting wooden box, never seen anything like it before!

  8. Gorgeous quilt! Wow! Love it!
    Interesting little box--but no clue as to its purpose. Let us know if you find out.

  9. No clue what the wooden box is. As usual, a gorgeous quilt! I like yours much better than the book cover quilt, too. Just goes to show we each need to use the fabrics that make our heart sing, not what someone else thinks we should use.

  10. an awesome interpretation~!!~
    LOVE it in reproductions.
    the small wooden box is oh-so-interesting . . .
    i've never seen anything like it so am not sure of what it is. i hope you'll share that information with us should you find out.



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