Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ohio Medallion Quilt, Hardanger and Sewing Accessories

Background:  Ohio Medallion Quilt Back
As you may know by now, I love antique and vintage sewing tools to compliment my quilt collection.

This is a wool 'booklet' for storing pins and needles.
It has a slight similarity to a pineapple shape with an interesting and delicate 'pinked' edge.  The 'pages' are tacked together at the top with ribbon embellishment.

The decorative ring overlay is all hand stitched thread work.

Background:  Ohio Medallion Quilt Back

This piece is like a wrist chatelaine, or perhaps clipped to something else.

The heart is for pins - the stick into the edges all around the heart shape.  The little pouch and sheath were empty when I purchased it.    The accessories are hand painted silk.

The tassels have glass beads at the top.

Since I kind of have a cream theme going... here's another piece of my hardanger work.

I recently re framed it for an update in the new house.  It is a burl walnut frame with a ribbon grain.

This is a 1984 piece from the book, "Hardanger Ribbons" by Janice Love.  I think it was the cover piece shown in colors and I did it in all cream.

This is my Ohio Medallion Quilt, a reproduction by Judie Rothermel, Schoolhouse Quilts.
The book (Reproductions From The Civil War Era) is still available, as is a pattern (Ohio Medallion) or kit.  HERE

I had the book and always thought about making it ... I still recall the moment I saw the top in Judy's booth in Houston - I knew it was going to the top of the list!

I've mixed some pre-civil war reproductions in as well - just like the scrap bag would have had multiple eras.

I loved selecting the multitude of fabrics for this - it was double the fun to revisit them as I was hand quilting.

The center star is hand pieced.

Crease lines...time for a re-fold!  So glad I pulled this one out today.

The rest of the piecing was done by machine.

To finish, I hand quilted using several motifs to fit various ares.

I also used a few thread colors, not all cream thread.

I liked the use of calm, alternate blocks between the stars.

The lightest in the center columns.

Same print - 2 colorways.

This is the edge detail.

Still a little chalk left from marking the hand quilting motifs...

See, I snuck an early reproductions in there...

Love the COLORS!!

Binding is the same fabric as the backing, just applied separately.

Thanks for stopping by - Do you have a star project in the works?  Completed?


  1. Dawn, I do have a star project going on but it's not even worth discussing. This though, gosh what a post. First you grab me with the wool needle book which made me think - can we make this? and then this wrist chatelaine which I've never seen and seems so dreamy. Then you share this absolutely stunning quilt. WOW! I'm beyond impressed. I am so glad you shared this one. I'm such a Judie fan and seeing her work in real life makes my spirit sing! I enjoy the quality and layout of the photos with the commentary. It really allows for a girl to fully enjoy all the amazing work. You're just something else!!! (…all this and Hardanger, too)

  2. Your star quilt is fantastic Dawn!! You really know how to make a repro quilt with a ton of pizzazz!

  3. Your medallion quilt is a beauty. I like the colors you have used. I think I have Judy's book but will have to check to be sure.

  4. Oh, my! Your Ohio Medallion quilt is magnificent. I hope it has a place of honor in your home. And I enjoyed seeing the little wool booklet in the shape of a pineapple. How unique! The pineapple is one of my favorite quilting motifs.

  5. Dawn, Absolutely adore the quilt. The fabrics are fabulous!!

    Stars are my favorite blocks with Ohio star being my all time favorite. I have an Ohio star Christmas flimsy done in cream, burgundy, tan, and hunter green. I also have the star "flower" blocks pieced that are scrappy - 169 different fabrics. And... I'm making a hunter's star quilt for my son and his fiance for their wedding quilt. It will be done in tan/brown and greens.

    Again, lovely quilt! Blessings

  6. Dawn, you do have some wonderful collected treasures. Your Hardanger piece is beautiful - love the cream color. And, oh my the quilt is beautiful. I love all of the colors/fabrics you used they just fit the quilt.

  7. Gorgeous quilt Dawn, what an abundance of colour and pattern! It's a beauty!!
    Star quilts and me go hand in hand with several finished and more on the go. My bug-bear star quilt at the moment is a six-pointed Star of Bethlehem; the centre is an antique piece from 1890, but it's not playing nicely (so it's in the naughty cupboard for the time being!)

  8. You have such beautiful things! LOVE the quilt!
    I have a couple of sawtooth star quilts.
    Have four large morningstar blocks. To be determined what I will do with them!

  9. I'm in love with your Ohio Medallion Quilt. What fun to have such a variety of fabrics in one quilt. I've always admired Judie Rothermel's fabric. She is a great designer.

  10. Currently working on a mini star quilt from a Lori Smith pattern. Not my top priority right now, though--I wish it could be.
    Love the vintage implements, but I especially love the quilt. Wow, it definitely looks vintage! Beautiful job!!

  11. Wonderful quilt Dawn. Love the colours you have used. The hardanger is beautiful. So much workand time spent making it.

  12. Dawn, the vintage sewing tools are great, as is your Judi quilt! I've had that book for years with plans to make at least one quilt from it, but, well, hasn't happened yet! Can't wait to see this in person someday.


  13. I think this is my favorite quilt you have made. It is just so beautiful
    love your fabric choices and the backgrounds you used I wouldn't have thought to use the same fabric just different color it blends so well yet stands on its own.
    Ilove seeing your sewing tools and well the hardanger is just beautiful.
    you are a woman of many talents!

  14. Absolutely a Wonderful quilt, and the colors, fabrics and the design are so beautiful....WOW...I love this style of quilts. I do love Ohio stars (being a buckeye) I'm in the process of making a blue/white one as a memory quilt of my Grandmother and mom...Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt.

  15. You are amazing. What a gorgeous quilt!!! Oh my! I'm so drooling now. And yay -- it's so nice to see someone hand quilting. I love hand quilting and I just don't see machine quilting as being as good at all. I used to love hand quilting myself, but I always got bogged down. So I guess I must not have loved it enough. lol!

    Love your needlework tool pieces. So cool! And your handanger -- that's yet another technique I find totally intimidating. Beautiful! Like the new frame too!

  16. What a beauty of a quilt! Like you, I LOVE a trip down fabric memory lane -when piecing scrap quilts and again when quilting. I honestly value my scrap quilts above all others simply because of their memory stories *s*

  17. Your Star Medallion is so gorgeous, and your sewing implements collection is first rate! Love your posts :)

  18. Your Ohio Medallion quilt is quite spectacular!! You should be very proud of your finish, lovely lovely work!!!! It's nice to see you have framed your Hardanger work so you can see it everyday! You spend so many hours on these pieces, they really need to be seen and admired. The sewing accessories are also very unusual! beautiful!!!!


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