Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fleur d'Lis Quilt w Silk Needle Keep

Hand stitched Hardanger Table Runner
This is another of my early reproduction hand applique projects.

My thinking at that time was - repeat the petals will be great practice!  The three tips have to come together, and the petals have points.

Thank goodness for fabulous border fabrics!
    (Tulips - I used to live on Tulip Street)

This is a little walnut sewing chest about 15" long with double doors on top that swing open.

Could use a little repair...think I'll leave it for now...

The needle keep is silk with hand stitched silk ribbons that tie it closed.  The silk has shattered in a few places.

Very accurate hand sewing - fine stitches so evenly spaced.  Someone took a lot of care to create the beautiful silk needle keep.

The interior is a lofty wool.  The lanolin in wool is thought to protect steel pins from rust and provide lubrication.  However, I have also read the wool needs to be raw to retain the lanolin(?).

I see no evidence that a lining fabric was covering the inside.

The outer silk covering is wrapped to the inside, and stitched with the tiniest of feather stitches.

I've been making a pair of pillow cases for each quilt I complete.  One gets folded inside before storing, the other I use to store the quilt.

In this example I used the extra backing fabric and some other coordinates for the cuff and trim.

This way when I look at the shelving in the store room I can identify each quilt.  There are several I have still in labeled white pillow cases.  One of these days I'll share a photo of the storage area.

This is my full quilt.   Hand applique, machine quilted with silk thread.   I used a large variety of stripes in the sashing.  The binding is the red strip from the vertical sashing.

Pattern:  Fleur d'Lis
Lewis & Clark Vol. 2
Quilts Inspired by Bird Woman
By:  Terry Clothier Thompson
It's a nice book just for the reading and illustrations too!
"Along with the projects, we include writings from Lewis & Clarks journals and stories about the expedition. Dozens of drawings and sketches of animals and plants found on the journey"

I think the photo in the book has 49 blocks and no border.
If I ever made it again I would make it even more scrappy and not match the petal fabrics to their square centers.

My applique improves with each project - and each project has been a bigger undertaking...
Are you working on any hand applique this month?

Have a great week!


  1. Dawn, another beautiful quilt. I might do some applique this week. I leave for a retreat on Wednesday and I am not sure what I will pack.
    I love the tip about two pillow cases.

  2. Lovely quilt, Dawn! How big is it? I love the border and the stripes you used for the sashing. Will have to check out that book. The pillow cases are a great idea!

  3. Your quilt is wonderful; you are too hard on yourself. I think the blocks are just as nice as the border. Terry Thompson has some great books out, but nothing lately, does she? I took a class from her in Indianapolis. What a wealth of quilt knowledge.
    Love that you make pillowcases to match your quilts, and to store them in. May I borrow that idea?

  4. What a great idea, making pillowcases that match.
    Your quilt is beautiful

  5. You capture my heart with Fleur d'Lis first thing this morning. That's all it took to begin to turn me around. Thanks for the giving.

  6. oh I love your quilt I have seen this pattern in another book that I have bookmarked to make some day
    love the tulip border and the significance of it
    what a great tip to make pillowcases to store the quilt in and be able to identify the quilt easily

  7. What a beautiful quilt! The hand applique looks wonderful! I love hand applique. Not that I've done it in a long time. But I love it. I also love how you store your quilts -- how clever to make pillow cases to store your quilts in! Now show off that storage room! :D

  8. Great minds think alike...making a pillowcase to match my quilts is as close to organization as i get! Love your quilt. I am doing some applique on a Halloween quilt this month.

  9. This is a wonderful quilt. And I love the pillowcase idea. Definitely share a photo of the storage area where the pillowcased quilts rest!

  10. Although you would make it another way now, I still find you have a wonderful quilt and the border fabric looks great.
    Yes plase, I would love to see the storage place :-).

  11. Lovely quilt---Your hand applique is fabulious! A treasure for sure.

    Thanks for sharing :) Carolyn

  12. Oh my! what a gorgeous quilt! You have done a brilliant job of putting it together and the borders, lovely choices! Just exquisite in every way!!!! I love the Needle Keep as well, very unusual!! A lovely post Dawn!!!

  13. Lovely quilt, Dawn, gorgeous pattern that I would love to make one day.......making a pillowcase to match the quilt is a great idea!
    Julia ♥

  14. Dawn - I love that border fabric! How come I don't have that one? Lovely quilt.

  15. Gorgeous!
    I am working on some hand applique, but nothing as fine as this - nice prim stitches for me *s*

  16. I just love your quilt and all of the stripes in the sashing.

  17. Dawn, I like it just the way it is.


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