Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fringe, Tape Binding and Gallery Wall Progress

Close up of fringe edge
I have a new addition to the Gallery Wall.
This was a good exercise for a large project that will have hand tied fringe.

The fringe matches a canopy with hand tied fringe on the guest room four poster.

I've had a few discussions lately on tape binding.  I knew I had seen a tape loom in a book - finally found it and was then side tracked with inspiration for this little quilt.

Print Fabric:  Maison de Garance (Moda) 13548
The little quilt is about 11.5" x 15.5"
Machine pieced and hand quilted.
Knife edge with top mounted cotton fringe edge.

Book:  Small Endearments
Nineteenth- Century Quilts for Children and Dolls
By Sandi Fox

The tape loom in the book is dated 1814, made of Oak and Maple.  Source:  Collection of Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. click HERE
See the book for a picture.

Other tape loom information click HERE
If you want to buy your own reproduction tape loom click HERE

I have yet to find a tape made today that replicates the antique tape used for binding.  I've been using a narrow cotton until I find a better reproduction....and NO I'm not buying a loom and weaving my own.
UPDATE 2/2013 - I did buy a tape loom and am weaving!  Boud a doll quilt HERE.
Antique Tape binding examples:
Tape binding - home woven?

Tape Binding - Trenton Tape?

Here's the 'fringy' new little on the shutter wall in the 'Hall Gallery'

Clockwise starting at 12:
*  Vintage doll quilt
*  Four Patch Notched 
*  Doll Nine Patch
*  Tumbler
*  Fringed Geese
*  Stripes
*  Rolling Stones - Ann Hermes - Notes From The Quilt Lab  - Free Pattern HERE
*  Antique Chain block quilted as doll quilt
*  Split Rectangles
*  Cradle

A few close ups:
Little Nine Patch I made in 1989 for DD

Tumbler with Fringed Geese - Hand Quilted 

Split Rectangles - Hand Quilted
Do you use a variety of edge/binding treatments on your quilts?


  1. Oh wow! Wow! I'm speechless! Love the new quilt with the fringe, and the display -- wow! So neat about the tape loom too. Maybe I need one. I used to weave once upon a time. lol!

  2. Interesting edge tape. I've never seen any finished that way.
    Love the gallery of minis--so delightful!
    The mini tumbler is so charming, I bought a mini tumbler template last week so I could make one and now I can't find it anywhere. Maddening!

  3. oh my the wall looks great! Love all these little quilts
    I for one think you should get a loom, you need another hobby!!!!!
    LOL. That fringe is amazing, looks great.
    no I bind my quilts all the same way but I have been thinking about making the knife edge binding.

  4. Your display of little quilts is just a wonderful feast for the eyes!!! I've never heard of tape binding, but the examples you have shown give a quilt a lovely finish!!!!

  5. Super "fringy thing"! Have you looked at Margo Krager's twill tapes? ( They don't grab me much visually, except for one, but wondered if anyone had used them. Your wall is looking very fine!

  6. The gallery looks great. I love your new quilt with the fringe. Did you make the fringe? The last little quilt looks familiar, is it a repro of an antique in a book? I usually use straight cut fabric binding and do four separate strips. I have not tried tape binding, but now I think I must!

  7. Love all your little quilts!! The fringe makes a very nice unique statement!!! I like the tape binding - no loom!!??? Ah....


  8. I love this gallery wall and your latest addition adds even more interest! I don't believe I've seen fringe on such a small quilt. No, I don't use a variety of bindings. I tried a scalloped edge once and applying the bias binding was a snap. I would really like to try a knife edge sometime.

  9. The new fringed quilt is great. And, the gallery looks great too. I must get busy and quilt the many small quilt tops that I have. The most different binding I used was just scrappy because I did not have enough fabric. I love how you try new things.

  10. Fantastic! Your display is really growing. I especially love the quirky Split Rectangles.

  11. I have used Margo's tapes (Reproduction Fabrics) see my post with my Dutch Chintz and the post with the little chintz doll quilt.
    They are close - and a nice substitute until I can find something 'real' ;-)

  12. Hand tied fringe? You are amazing!
    I'm not much of an experimenter - I do just LOVE hand-stitching down binding *s*

  13. Wow! I think that says it all. I may have to get one of those looms. I have a special quilt planned with hand tyed fringe, and I hope it looks as great as yours! Your gallery wall in very inspiring.


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