Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tumbling Blocks Pink Diamonds

I bought this quilt for the variety of fabrics, and its visual appeal.  Plaids, florals, stripes - with sparkles of gold, blues and red.  Madders next to reds and interesting to study.

Every time I look at it I see something 'new'.

All the front seams I checked are hand pieced. It is hand quilted.  The 24" wide backing fabric is folded to the front to form the binding.

There is some loss in the reds.

Fabric variety with pink

I pulled out a few sewing treasures.

The leather snap case is a hotchpotch of contents - probably none of it original.  The purple velvet lined case has occupied Japanese needles in the lid, two stilettos (one plastic one bone)
two bodkins and a pair of German scissors.

The wooden thread box is labeled "From LLandrindod Wells"  (a spa town in mid-Wales)
You can learn about the "firmly placed 'hub' of Wales" HERE
Each of the thread guides is in place and the original paper is still on the bottom of the box.

Do you love the blue print?
When the lid is removed there is ample room for
six spools of thread to sit on the wooden pegs, and a thimble in the center.

The thimble area is lined in blue velvet.  The thimble with it is brass and labeled England.

The threads spools are a mixed lot - not original to the box.  Peri-Lusta claims to be a substitute for silk.  The machine cotton is labeled made in England. The red silk numbered 419 looks the same color as DMC 419.  The Extra Super Silk has a British flag and ship on the label.

Llandrindod Wells is a spa town in Mid-Wales

The lid from a better angle, with the beautiful red silk thread and dainty German scissors.

The fabric is the back of the quilt.

For antique fabric fans here are a few pictures of the diamonds up close.

Looks like a seam but it is the print of the fabric

My Mini Tumbling Blocks Quilt is HERE
My Hexy Stars also has diamonds HERE

Have a great weekend - I think I'll start another diamond quilt project, how about you?


  1. Dear Dawn.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful quilt with us. It looks fantastic.
    I also enjoyed seeing the photos of all those pretty small doll quilts.
    YES, seing your quilt makes me want to make one too.
    Have a great weekend too.

  2. Hi Dawn - I'm having issues posting a comment to your blog. The profile drop-down won't 'drop down'. So - here's my comment -

    Don't tempt me with another project. I've been pulling UFO's out and am surprised at the number 'in progress' (eek!). Great study quilt - thanks for sharing your collection of sewing accessories. So interesting!


  3. I just love looking at your antique/vintage quilts and sewing items. Thank you so much for sharing them with your loyal blog readers!

  4. Lovely fabrics in that quilts Dawn and very envious that you have found so many treasures from this side of the pond.

  5. Love the continuity of the dbl pink in the tumbling blocks quilt; don't think that I've seen that done before. They are always scrappy, aren't they? Such a pretty post - so many goodies!

  6. Beautiful fabrics in that quilt! Wales...loved visiting there.

  7. Do you ever use the things you show or are they only meant for admiring? And admirable they are, indeed. Thanks for sending me back to visit previous posts. I am in awe. Your work is beautiful and I am thrilled that you are sharing with us.

  8. It's always such a treat to read your blog. I love tumbling blocks -- have a special place in my heart for such quilts. And your sewing items -- so wonderful! I love seeing them. The fabrics in the quilt are so pretty. Thanks for the closeups.

  9. beautiful fabrics, send me yardage please :)
    ok I am always amazed at all these treasures you own!
    what a beautiful quilt, yes I would be looking at those fabrics too and that double pink :)

  10. Oh, this one make me wish I could see it in person. Spend time looking at each of the fabrics. Love it, double pink a favorite always.

  11. That double pink in the close-up most have been prolific. It is in a vintage quilt I have and in photos of others I have seen. Does it come up repeatedly in your vintage textiles?

  12. Aren't the different fabrics wonderful. I love them. Wish we could still buy them.

  13. Wonderful fabrics!! I can see why you never tire of looking at it!!! I love the blue floral! The little sewing treasures are just that - real treasures!!!


  14. I have always been attracted to the tumbling blocks quilts. This is a treasure trove of fabrics.

  15. I think you do live in a museum! Will you ever run out of things to share with us!?! ; c )
    I'm sure I could look at this quilt for hours, too. Lucky you to own it.
    I would love to make a tumbling blocks some day. For now I will have to be satisfied with the diamond border I'm drafting for my lone star. I've never drafted diamonds before so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. Your tumbling blocks quilt is amazing! I would love to just sit and look at all of the different fabrics. what a great find!

  17. What a charming quilt. Love the last quarter t. block quilts, one of my favs. And the sewing tools are wonderful.

  18. What a fantastic vintage quilt. You could do a great study of so many fabrics!!

  19. What a beautiful quilt Dawn! That first photo is just fantastic!

  20. The quilt is amazing! How lucky you are to have it. Thanks for the closeups of the fabric. I can't even look at the needlework tools too closely for fear of tool envy. :)

  21. beautiful quilt and yes~!, what an array of fabrics within it.
    i also went back and looked at your mini tumbling blocks quilt and am equally impressed with it~!

    i've been away from blogland so long and am having fun going back through some of the posts i missed. your blog NEVER disapoints~!!~



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