Sunday, November 27, 2011

One of my idols - Edyth C O'Neill

Unrolled with book
This is one of my all time favorite books!

PLEASE click HERE to see AMAZING pictures and information than I could never hope to duplicate.

The book is a great gift idea - as are each of the projects included.

Pockets and Rollups for My Red Cape
By Edyth C. O'Neill
Copyright 2006

Another Great Link HERE   WOW!

Here is a close up picture of one of the rollup projects.  It is a treasured gift from a friend.

The thread wrap is reproduction bone.
The bees wax Mother of Pearl wheel is also a reproduction.
You can find them HERE.
Browse the Wm Booth Draper site - you'll also find beautiful Dutch Chintz fabrics, linen tape and more reproduction sewing accessories.

You might need two cups of coffee to visit these sites!!
I know I've got them book marked and will be going back several times.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I agree. Have the book and have made many gifts.
    Appreciate the links.

  2. Gobsmacked at the teeny tiny sized rugs as well. Thanks for the links.

  3. Uh oh. Looks like trouble. lol! I have to go take a look now. That book looks great too!

  4. I think you could make any of those little quilts. Those rugs are tiny, tiny but oh so cute.

  5. O...M...G..., Dawn! Two cups won't give me enough time. My other passion is old dolls although I have only one. One of my very good friends is a reproduction doll artist so we get along quite well. I LOVE the little homespun plaid quilt and think I have to make one (or more) of those for some of my dolls. I'm so glad you linked to this blog!

  6. I agree this is one of my favorite books too!
    I think its time I get that book out again and maybe make something from it, I usually just look thru it and dream! I have enjoyed her blog for awhile just so inspirational, don't you think?
    Hope your having a wonderful holiday weekend

  7. Hi Dawn,
    I love that book too. Also the book: rugs for my red cape. Gorgeous stuff.

  8. Thanks for the links, Dawn. A lot there to drool over!
    Have you told us about the quilt behind the book? It distracted me a little!
    ; c )

  9. I have that book and Rugs for My Red cape. :-)

    Dawn - here's the link on Edyth's blog to the post about Pockets and Rollups.

  10. that book looks great - must get one.
    our project turned out so cute - well done!

  11. Hi Maureen
    I posted about the 60 degree triangle quilt in June:

    The pattern was done by Mary Deeney - who I am featuring in a December post with another pattern of hers ;-)

    Thanks!! Dawn

  12. oh yes, i've popped over for a quick look and found it so hard to leave again~!!~
    will have to go back and maybe make a whole pot of tea before i do~!~ :-)
    thank you for the links.



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