Monday, September 17, 2012

Doll Dressers

Newest has a little 'mirror' on the back
Thanks for guessing what I bought at The Brass Armadillo.

You were all so close!

I bought another doll dresser.  Yes, after you have three of something, it is a collection.

I love these little pieces.

Here are a few from my collection, and to keep it 'quilty' I put a few of 'The Littles' with them.

Stacks of Doll Dressers

This is a grouping of little dressers on a small 'bachelors chest' in the guest room.

There are three dressers in this grouping.

The largest dresser in this group has a doll sock hanging out of the fourth drawer...those dolls...

The smallest piece is about 4"

Doors and Drawers

This one is made of cherry.

It is very well made and may have been a salesman's sample.

It is about 9" long.

2 Drawer Wooden Handles

This piece is oak, rather heavy - but sturdy for lots of use.
The drawers are a good size for doll clothes.

It is 12" tall.

I like the shape of the back piece.

Cortez Colorado Doll Chest of Drawers

I also collect souvenir cedar pin cushions so this piece really fits - it is a cedar souvenir dresser from Cortez Colorado.

When I found this dresser, the top drawer had the printed patchwork quilt and the second drawer was the blanket drawer.  I thought that was very sweet.

I like to think she got it on vacation and when she got home she filled the drawers...

Thanks for taking a look at my 'accidental collection' of doll dressers.

Do you have any doll dressers?  Remember having one?

Have a great week!

More pictures of doll dressers:
Click HERE


  1. You have such wonderful collections. Wow! Love all the doll dressers! Fantastic!

  2. Oh so cute little dressers. I don't know how you find these. Maybe I am not paying attention in antique shops and malls. I tend to focus on what I might purchase and miss some very interesting items.

  3. What a darling doll dresser! You certainly have a wonderful collection of them. I don't see them too often around here.

  4. Such cute little dressers! You have them displayed beautifully.

  5. Those little dressers are SO cute. I love them! I know I never had one--didn't even know there was such a thing, other than the little cardboard one my Barbie had.

  6. I don't have one, but yours are amazing!! I've always wanted a doll armoire for my antique doll and all her wardrobe! I'm going to a big antique fair in a couple of weeks - so I'll look!

    Thanks for sharing your amazing collections!!


  7. I do have a doll dresser, but mine is a little bit beat up as we use it in the dining room for mail collection/messages etc. Your collection is very, very nice. Great display!

  8. I do have one and I love it.
    Your collection is wonderful!

  9. Cute little collection. Thanks for sharing.


  10. There are just so sweet! My dolls have a wagon and a banjo but no dressers. What they could really use is a nice closet. I'll have to keep my eyes open when I'm out. You seem to do a much better job of seeing things than I do.

  11. I could see your hand in the tiny mirror, what a great collection. And from your previous post, love the strippy quilt, also. Can see you making a pattern. n

  12. Your collection is cute!

    Carolyn :)

  13. How sweet they are! I love your little displays. Don't worry - I won't be competing with you in this market - I already collect too many other things. I guess this means you are rather settled....see you in a few weeks at Lincoln AQSG seminar.

  14. Omigosh, I have never seen doll dressers of this exquisiteness! What a sweet collection. I like that you even put doll clothes in them :)

  15. Those are really special. I don't know if I have ever seen little doll dresser's like those. Very nice collectable's.

  16. I see these come up at auction occasionally and am always tempted...

  17. Where do you find these things?!? They are so precious! I guess you just need to shop and keep an eye out. Those dolls indeed!

  18. i don't have any doll dressers but i sure wish that i did~!!~
    especially love your most recent addition.



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