Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tree Of Life

I've been going through my treasure chests (acid free storage boxes) thinking about what I'm going to hang first in the new house.

I think this reproduction Palampore purchased years ago from Den Haan Wagenmakers in Amsterdam, The Netherlands will go back on a wall.

It isn't quilted.  I basted the edges in a 'hem' not wanting to alter the fabric too much.

I also like that the selvage printing is hidden, yet still readable.

A palampore image was in my head when I made this 3.5" applique block for a medallion center - a tiny Round Robin.

We are about half unpacked, hope to get internet today.  Currently running wireless off my phone and it is SLOW.

Everyday is better, and more fun as we make this house our new home!
Hope all is well with you!

Also of Interest:
Antique in NY Historical Society Museum
Early 19th Century Tree of Life Quilt from a Welsh Family
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  1. Yay on moving into your new house! I bet you're so happy to be there! I hope you get that internet! I love that palampore -- so beautiful! And the little applique block is just amazing. I love it!

  2. Very nice, Classy!

    Good luck with your unpacking! We sre doing the same thing too...only we will move again in February! I am sure you are excited to get settled..ME TOO!

    :) Carolyn

  3. While unpacking and finding a new home for everything is work, having a new home is so exciting!

    I love the quilts (and other treasures) you show us each time. It will be fun to see how you display them.

  4. I had wondered if you were busy unpacking in your new home.
    That 3 1/2 inch applique block is amazing. So tiny.

  5. I've been thinking of you - wondering how everything is going. Unpacking is not a lot of fun, but you always feel better when a job like that is finished. Love your little round robin!

  6. I learned another new word today in the quilting world....Thanks for the education.

    Your little applique block is very cute.

    Moving is so much work....hope you get settled in and feel at home soon.


  7. How big is this palampore? It's beautiful. So is your little round robin block. Glad you are getting settled.

  8. I remember that Round Robin. I got mine framed behind glass and it hangs in the living room. Visitors always comment on it with all those little stars you made for it.

  9. I've wondered when you would be able to come up for air. When I settled into our home a few years back, it took me the longest time to finally put something on the walls. I think what you have chosen is a beauty!

  10. How fun to find a place in your new home for your treasures!!!

  11. You better hurry before you are knee deep in snow, wishing for an early winter here with more fires. n

  12. Glad you're getting settled in. It's exciting to be able to redecorate and do something new. Granted the actual moving isn't that
    great. Have fun.

  13. Half way unpacked! You are amazing - wish I could say the same . . . still so many boxes to undo. Maybe I should just pitch them - clearly I don't need the stuff *lol*

  14. Beautiful quilt, and a wonderful applique block. Great to hear from you and hope the unpacking goes smoothly.

  15. Very pretty wall embellishment! Wow, that is a wee medallion center.

  16. Wow, what a lovely palempore, i've never seen this one before! And your applique block is a cutie too!! Greetings from Holland, Josephine, who happens to work at den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam. Thanks for mentioning us!!!


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