Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Needlework Tools

19th Centruy Thread Stand
I've been cheating on my quilting time.

Although I have had a summer rich in quilt study, I have been spending more time with my collection of antique needlework tools.

There is a Facebook page, Antique and Vintage Sewing Tools.  It is a closed group, but you can request to join in the sharing and fun.  I resisted FB for a long time - and still use caution.  I will continue blogging!

This is a thread stand I posted there.
19th Century - original pin cushion cover.
Three small legs.  A wonderful old American piece.

German made scissors, strawberry emery and silk thread spool added for the photo op...

Silk thread - Queen Stitch

I have also been doing some counted thread embroidery.  This long term project is an online class by Jackie, from It's Fine-ally Finished.  This is all queen stitch on 36 count linen - so one queen is 1/9th of an inch.  This section is the bottom of a tiny shoe thimble holder.

I completed the silk box that holds all of the pieces.  I went long too and purchased the scrimshaw accessories and Dovo scissors.

The rest of the hand embroidery is completed and I see my self finishing the assembly on a snowy day this winter.

The set is all embroidered in silk threads.

It's Fine-ally Finished Petit Trianon

This is part of the set, you can see how many little pieces I have yet to assemble.  With Jackie's classes she provides all the materials, instructions and support to finish the complete set.

She even surprised us with a beautiful cameo and accessories to make a handkerchief holder. BONUS!  and oh, so wonderful!

This session is closed but she has many great upcoming classes and events.

I've also been working on applique projects I will be sharing soon!  Not to mention the pieced graduation quilt that MUST get done...stay tuned.

Have a great week!


  1. You work on some very interesting projects. A lady of many talents.

  2. Wow--I've never seen the Queen Stitch before. I've only ever counted threads for cross stitch. This looks very fancy!

  3. Love your progress on Petite Trianon! Jackie is amazing, isn't she? She and Betsy Morgan are both so clever in their construction and design. Love your antique piece. So wonderful! I have to stay away from that Facebook page. Too dangerous. lol!

  4. Your silk stitchery is wonderful! Such tiny stitches - your eyes must be very good :)
    Thanks for the link to Jackie's projects - exquisite - love the vintage inspiration. Still resisting facebook...

  5. You are working on some very beautiful and intricate projects. There's such an interesting history of all those little tools that seamstresses have used over the centuries. I appreciate everything that you research and share.

  6. You have been busy. What a lovely thread stand and so practical! (although we would need a few of those I'm sure)

  7. cute stand, I love the big pin cushion on the top!
    that stitching looks lovely -
    looking forward to the appliqe and grad quilt reveal.

  8. Cool thread stand. They always remind me of the one my brother made for my mom when he was a Cub Scout many years ago. She still has it!
    What fine stitches!
    Look forward to seeing your applique projects.


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