Monday, August 18, 2014

Pennsylvania Patchwork Pillowcases and Other Small Treasures

Hardcover - Full Color
I have not been sewing, I've been reading.
When a new book arrives - I have to read it - I could not put this one down!

Pennsylvania Patchwork Pillowcases and Other Small Treasures focuses on a rare subset in quilt heritage - patchwork pillowcases by German immigrants in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The book includes 300+ color photos, including high resolution detail photos of rare pieced and applique pillowcases from museums and private collections.

Ann has lived in the Philadelphia area for 25 years and has an incredible personal collection of Pennsylvania antiques.
In addition to her book, Ann is available for lectures HERE.
Her event in Southern California quickly sold out!

Inset photo take from inside page

I love to see applique grapes in antique quilts.

This is an example of just one closeup in the book.  (However, it is my bad photo of the page)
You can see the detail of every hand stitch.
Almost as good as seeing the pillowcases in person - reading the antique personal notes,
studying the glorious fabrics and examining construction techniques.
The last chapter in the book - Small Treasures - could be a spin off for another book!
I love small textile items.

A pair from my collection

I pulled out a pair of pieced pillowcases from my collection.

Not as old or intricate as those in the book, but still fun.  Kind of quirky and fun!

I have been making pillowcases from leftover fabric for each of my quilts, but nothing as wonderful as shown in the book.

Pennsylvania Pillowcases has inspired me to up my game - make more detailed and historically accurate sets.

You can order a copy of the book from Ann  HERE.
She has an option for you to have your copy autographed!

I have done an applique doll bed pillowcase in traditional Pennsylvania prints.

It is applique with a reproduction chintz print on the back.

Do you have any pieced pillowcases or have you made them?
We would love to hear about them.

Have a great week!




  1. I was not even aware of pieced pillowcases until mention of this book. Fascinating!

  2. What great fabrics in your pieced pillowcases! All that gorgeous color - who could sleep?? lol! Sounds like a good book - thanks for the review.

  3. I received mine also, wonderful.....highly recommend the book also.

  4. Looks like a wonderful book. I enjoy Ann's blog. Love the magenta in your pillowcases. I've not pieced any pillow cases. Always just happy with a finished quilt. Your doll bed display is precious!

  5. Dawn, I am so glad you are enjoying the book. I always wish for more photos and close-ups when I read quilt history books, so I made it a goal to have tons of photos in my book. Thanks for your kind review.

  6. Oh my! I wasn't aware of this aspect of sewing and piecing from the past. I can't seem to soak in enough quilt history at this point in my life, and this sounds like a book I'd enjoy. Thanks for the information and thanks for sharing your pair of pieced pillowcases. They're dramatic and so unique.

  7. I would love to see Ann's collection. Maybe I should buy the book instead! Love your pillowcases.

  8. I highly recommend it as well. I couldn't put it down! In fact, I was so anxious to get it that I apparently ordered it twice. My pre-order copy came 3 days after the copy from Ann. No worries, I will donate the 2nd copy to the New England Quilt Museum for their library. It is tough losing my memory, but at least I remember how to quilt! Do order one from Ann today you won't be sorry!

  9. I love your pillowcases, Dawn! Sounds like a book worthy to add to my collection.


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