Friday, August 1, 2014

Matilda's Son Daniel Block Set 8

The eighth block set is posted HERE.
Actually, it is always posted before the first of the month - I know so many of you like that!
This months set includes four more blocks:  Potted Flowers, Turkey Track Variation, Branching Bouquet, Hearts & Buds

I bet you can find the four blocks in this grouping.  This photo has the first eight months of blocks laid out randomly.  They will not be set in the quilt this way.

Daniel Durbin Boyce was the son of Noah and Matilda.  I have two different resources that put Daniel's birth within a five year span.  One has him born in 1837, the other 1832.  Hand written census records could easily mistake a 7 and a 2.  Daniel seems have the most information written about him.  (Daniel's middle name is French in origin - and you may recall Noah and Matilda named a daughter Paris)
One record has him listed as the fifth of eight children.  I found information on 13 of Matilda's children, four who died as infants.    I will write more on the other children in another post.
Another discrepancy is when the family migrated from Kentucky to Illinois.  One record I have shows 1835, the other 1838.  It could be Noah came first with an older son, Thomas and the family, including Daniel came later.

Danial D. Boyce Married Sarah Catherine Maddox, May 20, 1857 in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Lafayette County, Missouri.  They had two children:  Ida and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth passed away in 1862 or 1863 - depending on which record is correct.  Daniel married Nancy Josephine Baldwin.

Daniel D. Boyce is listed as a Lieutenant, Third Provisional Regiment in the Civil War (Union) in the Missouri Home Guard.  I was able to find records of his service in the Missouri State official records through at least 1864.  Did his first wife, Sarah Catherine die when he was away at war?  
More on Noah, Matilda, Daniel and the rest of the family in another post.

Velma loves red and green
In the meantime - here's Valma - with her very favorite red and green balls trying to distract me for some play time.

It is not too late to join in making your own Noah and Matilda quilt.  Click HERE to start or continue!

Have a great week - I hope it includes some stitching time!



  1. Apparently I fell a month behind in my pattern collecting but I just fixed that. I haven't started my N&M quilt yet but that is going to change soon. I love this pattern - quirky and traditional. :)

  2. I am fascinated by the history you have discovered. It is interesting to dig into old records and try to determine which ones are correct and piece together something of the lives of these people long since gone.
    Valma's playthings blend right in with the red and green quilt. : )

  3. I so enjoy seeing these blocks pop up on blogs throughout blog land. It's so interesting to read the history. Valma has great taste!!

  4. It is such a beautiful quilt. Loved reading the history.

  5. My husband has done some genealogy work on his family and has found many conflicting records - even the spelling of our last name! Isn't it interesting to look into their past? Your blocks look wonderful - love them all! But mostly I love Velma! She looks like she is ready to play!

  6. Loving the history your collecting. It's nice to hear their story.

  7. I love knowing the history of the quilt. And your blocks are beautiful.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  8. Velma looks wonderful on those colors and blocks! She's so pretty, as is this quilt. Just gorgeous!

  9. Your blocks look wonderful together - I especially love the touches of cheddar in there. Great to hear the history and see the photos of the family involved.

  10. Really beautiful blocks! Love the wonderful history you are researching on this family!

  11. That's so neat that you do so much research on your quilts. Have you researched your own family history?
    Ah, Valma, a tortie? I'm learning about Tortitude!


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