Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow and Flowers

My Backyard
We had a little snow last night.

Just enough to have to make everything fresh and white, but require shoveling.

Our mild temperatures will have it all melted away tomorrow afternoon.

Under all the snow are peonies, tulips, lavender  and lilies - all waiting for spring.

My kitchen window

In the meantime I'm doing a but of indoor window sill gardening.  The hyacinth are an assortment of pink, white and purple.

I didn't force the bulbs, rather bought them at the flower shop already sprouted.  My master gardener friend works miracles with bulbs.  She had a dedicated refrigerator for the process.  Very impressive!

Block Three Month Two
Back Basting Prep and Fabric Audition

The other kind of indoor gardening I've been doing is floral appliqué.  This is the February block I had in process last year.  You can get yours HERE.

Month two also includes the quilting design for the alternate block.

I have not been keeping up with my planned blog posts.  We do have a new pattern that deserves it's own post.  Next week I'll include pictures of my antique pieces, including the original this new pattern is based on.  It is in the hand quilting frame and I'll share some of the border feathers I've completed.

I hope you are finding some stitching time!


  1. Spring wont be far away, and has started inside. Hyacinths are a favourite of mine, how lovely to watch them grow. That is a beautiful block, such a great background colour. Looking forward to hearing all about your new pattern.

  2. Love that quilt block! Love your indoor flowers too! Lucky you all. I want warmer temps and hardly any snow. Wanna trade? :D

  3. We've just been getting rain--and we really need more snow! Such a warm winter.
    That will be so fun to have the hyacinth blooming indoors. They are so fragrant. I have a few by my front door.
    A wonderfully sunny block you are making, Dawn! : )

    1. Very warm winter. The blocks all made...old photo!

  4. We're finally getting a bit of snow as well. Love seeing a bit of your lovely applique and the flowers look fun.:)

  5. Yum! Love the bulbs and especially the block. Loving your yellow background. have fun with the snow. We had over 2' last Tuesday and we are in now getting 18" more. Whoopie!

  6. Such a fun sneak peek at your February block!
    Love to see those Spring bulbs on your window sill!

  7. Your hyacinths will smell divine when they flower and live your new block.

  8. Jealous of your bit of snow. It keeps missing us here. The fabric flower looks great against the lemon yellow.

  9. Our grocery florist had those same vases with bulbs a year or so ago. I saved the vases. Aren't they nice? :) And surely heaven smells like hyacinths; there's nothing like their heady scent.


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