Sunday, February 8, 2015

Vintage and Antique Quilts

Out roaming the antique shops and thought you might like to see some old quilts.

This block has several names.  It is in Brackman's Encyclopedia as #1393:  Sail Boat Block (Mc Kim), West Wind (Nancy Page) with other variation if it had four HST's per side.

Some of the California Gold print has lost it's original color color.

The same shirting print was also used consistently through all of the blocks.

This close up shows the machine quilting.  Up close it's maybe not as effective.

The binding is very worn, but a wonderful red.

I think this gold print was reproduced by Moda a few years ago.

The backing is a solid cream muslin type fabric.

Nice two fabric quilt!

This is another classic, nice soft blue with solid white.

It too has many names.  This example is done in only two prints.  Most similar to Brackman 1806d: Crown of Thorns (Cappers), Georgetoen Circle (Hall), Memory Wreath (Hall), Crown and Thorns (Ickis).  I think I made one or two of these blocks fro a swap several years ago.

I like this on point setting with solid sashing.

The quilt is bound in the blue, with a solid white backing.

It is simply yet effectively hand quilted with very fine stitches.  All straight lines, changing directions in the block.

A well executed simple classic quilt!

This one is simple, while looking complex.

Unfortunately my phone photo does not show the wonderful yellow color of the print.

Hand pieced and hand quilted.

Two simple blocks - flying geese units and a square.
See them?

Isolating the piecing helps

The geese units alternate the placement of the light and dark fabrics.

The straight line quilting makes it harder to see the piecing lines.

Double narrow border finshes the edges.

This simple block is in Brackman #3250:  The X Quisite.  I like the name but don't really 'see it' in the block.  Several variations have also been published in Quilter's Newsletter.

It's hard to see in my phone photo, but there are three prints in the block.  Red print, solid white and a shirting dot.

Perhaps not enough contrast in the three prints to be as effective as it might have otherwise been.

Nice hand quilting.

The batting doesn't fill the quilt all the way to the binding.

What would a nice selection of old quilts be without a star?

I think one of the best things about this example is the red dot print.

Utility quilted in the setting areas with straight line quilting.

Maybe too much white?  Those star tips really float.

Double pink and white solid borders.

All hand quilted.

The star was also quilted in straight lines following the seams of the star diamonds.

I hope you enjoyed the quilts and are finding some stitching time.  Special thank you to my shopping partner and quilt holder.  Are you wondering what I bought?

Have a great week,


  1. Oh lovely post. Thanks for sharing all these eye candies!! I always click on pictures to see them better but when you wrote "the batting doesn't fill the quilt" I had to click that picture again and examine that closely. So interesting!! The first one must have been quite stunning in its early years. So, which one did you buy? All of them? LOL.

  2. I loved "going shopping" with you. What lovely quiilts! They all looking like they have been used and loved. Aren't you one to keep us in suspense - lol! To choose a favorite - probably the star - that polka dot fabric makes me smile :0)

  3. So fun to see a variety of quilts for sale. Love the red dot print in the star!

  4. Looks like you had some fun! I think the Crown of Thorns is my favorite. Would love to see the hand quilting up close.

  5. I like the blue and white one best mostly because I like blue and white quilts.

  6. Yum! Thanks for sharing these. I must not shop in the right places because I never see such lovely quilts. Sigh.

  7. Love the quilts and I do love the X quilt. The dot print may not show as a separate print as well, but it adds enough of a subtle variation to keep it from being, all white.


  8. What a wonderful show of quilts. I appreciated the full shots as well as the close-ups for more detail. I wonder which one you bought? Would it be fun if you bought all of them!

  9. I was thinking like Rachael and wondered how many came home with you or maybe your quilt holders. I guess I liked the blue and white one the best, but they all had great character.

  10. Wow, what fun to see so many beautiful antiques!

  11. I really like the star quilt because it seems so crisp and cool to me. Not a fan of winter but it reminds me of snow. And, of course, I love the red and polka dot fabrics!

  12. I like them all of course. The yellow flying geese appeals because I've never seen that block before. And the quilting seems quite awesome.

  13. what beautiful examples of antique quilts. i don't think I've seen the flying geese setting.

  14. I'd love to be shopping with you sometime. What finds! Crown of thorns is my favorite, but they each have their charm.
    I am very curious to know with came home with you!

  15. Nice bit of two color quilts. Except the star...which is wonderful.

  16. Love two color quilts and these are simple but spectular quilts, right up my alley


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