Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sequestra and Ephemera

I have been stitching on projects I can't reveal just now.  This fall I can share them.
I have also been staging some ephemera with my sewing boxes.

The back of the photo:
"The shade makes me look darker here. 
Here I am for your watch Dear, send me yours when you have one taken"

She didn't want anyone thinking she was getting any sun tan on her beautiful porcelain skin!  Imagine what she would think of paying for a tan at a modern parlor?

She looks young, maybe the watch belonged to her sweetheart. The photo is trimmed, so I like to think he kept the photo in his watch and thought of her throughout his days.

My word of the week is sequestrum. I had a tooth extraction that I thought went exceptionally well.  Two weeks later I have a sequestra. Sequestra is a bone fragment working it's way through the gums.  My surgeon tells me in time it will work its way all the way out.  Feeling a little like forever!!

I came across this card and thought it was funny. We have to laugh at things like sequestra, it helps pass the time!  My surgeon was actually great, and in a couple weeks I hope to gift him with this card.
If you like ephemera, checkout this website:

All kinds of wonderful ephemera, and they also offer to help
find items from your wish list!
I'm stitching SVBAQ tiger lily petals this afternoon, how about you?
Have a great week,


  1. Oh, that is so sweet--the trimmed photo for the watch, with the disclaimer that her skin is really more fair than it appears. Love it!
    My daughter had that happen after an extraction once--and it did eventually all work out (yes, that was a pun). : )
    What an appropriate card for your oral surgeon. He'll get a kick out of that.

  2. It would be funny if it didn't sound so painful. Hope you get better soon!

  3. I am stitching the Bouquet block and will be glad to finish it later today.

  4. What an interesting blog post title :0) The trimmed photo is wonderful. Hope your gums are feeling well soon!

  5. I love that young woman's comments. I bet your dentist will get a kick out of the other card. Sorry about your sequestra. That's a new word for me.

  6. A visit to the dentist always give me the creeps! I had that ones with a wisdom teeth that had been taken out. After a long time all the little fragment had foundmthere way out! Hope to get some quilting done today. Have a great day!

  7. Looking forward to seeing those projects in the fall! And good luck with those dental problems.... I had my fair share of that and can commiserate. Love the card!

  8. You are right about the tanning; how times change!

  9. Love the story of the photo, being so lovely trimmed to fit the watch. But not so lovely to hear of your tooth-experiences... hope they soon will be over, as it sounds awfull (and in 2 weeks I have a visit to the dentist planned, to which I am not looking forward at all ;() Cannot wait till fall..

  10. Wonderful picture shares today!
    Sounds like a great love story behind that photo.
    Sorry to hear of your extraction complication. I hope it works out quickly for you.


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