Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red And White Part 2

I use a biscuit jar to store some of my little red pin cushions.  Many still have the old pins and needles from other sewers - some from long ago, others more recent.  Love the pearly headed pins...I'll have to get out my German pin boxes for a future post.  They used to be easy to find at sales but now I think more people are interested in them.  My grandmother would have shook her head to think anyone would care to have an old used pin cushion, let alone see it as a decorative object.

Morning Glories and the moon - suppose they imply moon flowers?  I looked through the books:  "Red & White" American Redwork Quilts and Patterns by Deborah Harding, its a two book set,  (ISBN 0-8478-2244-3) and found nothing similar.  There is another moon block in the quilt with owls.

At some angles I think the triple line quilting might detract from the hand embroidery, but it does carry the eye to the feathered circles.  I have yet to hand quilt a feathered circle but it is on the short list.  So beautiful.  One of the favorite things I love about this quilt.  I'm usually challenged when I decide how to quilt a finished top and I'm not sure what I would have done around the embroidery.

The little shoe pin cushion is leather, with little seed beads around the border.  The heel of the 'shoe' is made of wood and has a #8 carved in the bottom.  The leather sole has little tacks attaching it to the body.  Very detailed construction.  I was using it, but decided to stop as the fabric cover was starting to show a little wear.

The stiletto isn't old, but I like the turned handle. I keep it in a 'sewing block' next to my chair, but have to admit I rarely reach for it - but it looks nice...too bad so many tools are plastic now.

The small scissor has great sharp little tips.  I used to do a fair amount of hardanger and cut work and the sharp tips are a must have.

The background red fabric is a newer release from Judie Rothermel

I'm trying decide what quilt to explore next, any requests?

Thank you for stopping by - visit again soon!

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  1. I just found your blog and it was such a treat to see treasures from your needlework and quilt collection. I am a pincushion fan and have collected some vintage ones over the year. Plus, I love to make them!


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