Friday, November 11, 2011

Basket Challenge

A while back I signed up for a challenge.
It was a fabulous opportunity for me to step out of my routine and play with some COLOR.

This picture jumps ahead in the story - my little finished wall quilt is quite happy to be on the wall of our back porch.  I am enjoying it with the pillow collection in this little eclectic area that looks out on the garden flowers.

It started HERE when Kathie asked who might be interested in a challenge!

I was sent a collection of four baskets all put together 2 x 2 and with no rules - make a project!

'No rules' projects are harder than rules!

 My solution was really simple - no fuss.

I did time box myself to finish it before we left on vacation and before the holidays.

I chose a combination of reproduction and 'modern' prints from my stash - another self imposed rule - no fabric purchases for this.

The finished project includes, pieced hourglass blocks, applique and a little embroidery.

I hand quilted it and enjoy it most evenings relaxing on the back porch.....

See what Lori did HERE

Bird of Paradise in back garden

Thanks - it was FUN!

Have a great week!

UPDATE:  I felt so bad Kathie lost her blocks I sent this quilt to her.  She was so generous to share them and her fabulous sense of humor - she deserved it!!  Pay it forward ;-)


  1. Very cute!!! And it looks quite happy in the happy little spot!!


  2. Great job with the challenge! Just love the binding fabric . . . and that bird of paradise *S*

  3. I really like what you have made with the baskets, Dawn. And that checked binding is a perfect frame! I love the applique you added--especially the little berry at the bottom of the inner border. It all works together so well. Excellent job! : )

  4. You certainly rose to the challenge. Such a great wall hanging. I like the combination, applique and then the quilting. Good job.

  5. Your border and binding are great complements to the whimsical baskets and your colorful little hourglass blocks. Such a cute project! Kathie presented you with an interesting challenge, and you met it with creativity.

  6. That's so cool! I love what Lori did too. What a fun challenge! I love baskets anyway. :D

  7. This is a departure for you! What fun!

  8. what a fun little quilt and you've displayed it perfectly~!!~
    i'm a bit jealous of the tropical flowers growing in your yard. the bird of paradise is gorgeous~!


  9. Prim style good. I think I like a challenge with no rules better than a whole bunch of rules.

  10. Its just adorable....looks like the perfect spot for it.
    I am so glad you finished it. thanks.
    bird of paradise is amazing....

  11. Your basket quilt is just darling. It looks nice where you display it.

  12. I really like this. And I really enjoy your mix of modern and repro's. That makes my heart sing. Pulling it all together is a real talent!

  13. Your basket quilt is wonderful Dawn! How funny we posted about it on the same day!! Of course, yours is actually done:)

  14. That's a nice little quilt. I think it's hard to finish someone else's start. You have a nice balance of fabrics and styles.

  15. Wonderful and good job! Thanks Dawn for sharing with us! I am sure that Kathie will be please too!

    Carolyn :)

  16. Your first photo belongs in a decorator magazine. Love the little quilt! So fun!

  17. A great little basket quilt. Love your applique.

    It looks perfect there with the seat and cushions.

    Your bird of paradise is thriving!

  18. Great job on the basket challenge. Love the setting and the unexpected binding.


Thanks for your comments!