Sunday, July 1, 2012

Calico Paradise

Every quilt has a story and this quilt first appeared to me four years ago.  Little did I know it would end up on my kitchen counter in 2012?

In 2008 I saw this quilt in APQ, in the back where they feature a special quilt with a teaser paragraph.  It is a stunning quilt and I was hoping to learn more about it.  I ripped the page out... Time passed...and I went on to other projects.

In 2010 we moved to a new house (so a new sewing space) and this is one of the clippings I pulled out and put up for inspiration.
Pulling for my project

In 2011 I attended the AQSG seminar in Cherry Hill and sat mesmerized at Show 'N Tell Night as amazing quilts paraded across the stage.

Guess what?  It was there!
At this time I still had not met Ann, and hadn't connected her to Notes From The Quilt Lab Blog.
Through the course of the week I was able to meet Ann, see more pieces from her fabulous collection and 'talk quilts'.

Solids and prints - some fussy cutting
In 2012 Ann gave a presentation at Temecula Quilt Company in Southern California.  I offered to chauffer her and brought some of my pieces for her to see on the ride.

My theory is Catherine's Garden and Calico Paradise have much in common...the center focus, four corner features, botanical emphasis... more on this in a future post.

Rich Color

The quilt is now fully patterned and available in our Etsy shop.

Finished size is about 80 x 90 (depending on how you decide to do the final border).

Fabrics were narrow in 1860 - the maker probable split two lengths in half.  Today we might prefer to split 42/44 into fourths.  Fun for us to decide.

Backing is a purple stripe - love that with the rich madders on the front.

It's faded now - but you can see hints of it's former vibrancy.

Have a great week - I hope you are steeped in collaboration - I will be!


  1. This is so awesome - I read about it on Ann's blog earlier this morning. You design amazing patterns - love each and every one of them! I would love to see that quilt in person.

  2. I saw this on Ann's blog. I just love it! It's just gorgeous! The center reminds me of Hawaiian quilts, which I've always wanted to try. Beautiful work!

  3. (Beautiful work on the pattern I mean, of course.)

  4. Another beauty. Your patterns are really filling a niche in the US - gorgeous, elaborate heirloom quality quilts.

  5. Oh my goodness! A picture of this quilt has been on my wall for over a year and I've even bought the yellow fabric for this quilt! Course I was just going to wing it but now? I will be checking out your pattern!!

  6. I love this quilt - the pattern, the colors, everything about it. Kudos! Ady

  7. Wow!!!! Another one I would love to do!! Such lovely colors!! You do amazing work putting together the patterns for these amazing jewels!!

  8. This an absolutely beautiful quilt...must get the pattern.
    I believe I already have the cheddar.

  9. I DEFINATELY want one of your patterns for this quilt. I love the colours.

  10. What an interesting and fun quilt! Of course the yellow and red fabrics absolutely do the cute little birds.

    I agree with one of your other readers that your patterns are filling a niche here in the U.S. So glad you produced one for this quilt - it's a gorgeous one.


  11. Wow, what an amazing quilt! The colors are just wonderful! Ordered some yellows as a birthday present to myself - just love them! Thanks so much for the great story!

  12. It is indeed a gorgeous quilt!!! I love the reds and cheddar, such a unique design!!!!

  13. Terrific traditional colors combined with whimsy and charm. Love it! Glad it turned up in your real life instead of staying a magazine clipping :)

  14. it really is amazing how things work out sometimes.
    this is another stunning antique piece so worthy of being 'patterned'.

    somehow when i look at it i think of the garden of eden . . . ~!?
    the colors really are spectacular and the folk art look of it is wonderful.


  15. What a beautiful quilt. And what a talent you have for creating patterns for lovely vintage designs. I love how colorful this one is.

  16. Beautiful quilt. Congratulations on your new pattern.

  17. Another gorgeous pattern. Wish I was better at applique. I know I just need to practice more.

  18. Another fabulous quilt pattern, well done!You have sourced some wonderful old designs that have so much appeal, keep it up!

  19. great quilt. I like both versions, but the pink and red speak to me

  20. That is an amazing quilt. How pleased were you when you got to meet both Ann and the quilt in person?

  21. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful quilt!!


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