Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catherine's Garden on Display

I did it!  Catherine's Garden s Done. Finished. Complete.
The sleeve and tag are on...and she's hanging.

I get to enjoy her everyday - my indoor flower garden.

I decided to pair her with my reproduction of the Virginia Quilt Museum Medallion.

I really like the "Hang It Dang It" hangers.
One nail, and they self level - with adjustable widths.  Easy to rotate the quilts on display.

Here's a straight on shot.
I have to say again, Catherine was a genius in her design and drawing.  We will probably never know if she drew all of it herself.  I like to think she was an artist, maybe collaborating with quilting friends and family.

It was so fun to stitch each flower and leaf.  It took me about a year to make, in between other projects and a major move to Colorado.  There were times I could hardly put the project down.

You can read details about Catherine's Garden HERE.

Calico Paradise is now in the frame.

The timing works for warm summer days - it's not in my lap.
I will do all of the outline quilting, then take it out of the frame and use a hoop and do the filler quilting.

I am enjoying quilting on this with all the green grass and blue skies outside.

The backing is a reproduction purple stripe, just like the original.

For variety, I have been working on a machine piecing project from the new book, Promenade In A Dutch Garden.

Next step are some squares and I have not decided on a border fabric yet.

Here are some of the blocks laid out.

I mixed some reproduction prints from my stash with the Dutch Chintz.

The center star is also a mix of Chintz and reproduction fabrics.

Great fun!!
I hope you are having a fun week.  Thanks for stopping by today - I appreciate your time!


  1. Catherine's Garden should be on display--it is gorgeous! Beautiful work, Dawn.
    Interesting method for quilting. I'd never considered doing the outline work in the frame and then moving it to a hoop for the fillers.
    Great start on your project from the "Dutch Garden" book. I like the look of the fabric mix.

  2. Oh Dawn, it looks fantastic, you must be so pleased.
    I love your Dutch quilt too.

  3. What a great place to hang your Catherine's Garden and what a beautiful quilt it is. It does pair well with the Virginia Quilt Museum Medallion. Really like Calico Paradise, those colors and those patterns, so much fun. And how wonderful you are already making something out of that beautiful book. The pieces of orange fabric work great. You've been busy!

  4. WOW!!! Beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing with us :)


  5. Wow, beautiful!!!!

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    :) Carolyn

  6. Wow Dawn, your Cathrine's Garden quilt is stunning. It looks very good hanging on the wall. You are so right in it being a beautiful design. And Calico Paradise is also going to be a beauty. Love the fabric you used for the border. Looking forward to see your dutch quilt progress.

  7. WOW!!!Catherine's Garden is just amazing. And so is Calico Paradise! WOW! I just want to come and visit and see them all in person. You do such beautiful work.

  8. Catherine's Garden is breathtakingly lovely - what an amazing feat! I too think it ought to be on display - preferably in one of the big shows where it'll get the exposure it deserves.

  9. "Catherine's Garden" is a beautiful quilt. I especially like the corner designs.

  10. Catherine's Garden is wonderful Dawn. Thanks for the tip about HangitDangit

  11. That is a gorgeous quilt and I love the new one, you are quilting, so beautiful and beautiful stitching.


  12. Oh my, they are all so beautiful I don't know which to comment on first. Catherine's Garden is just wonderful and what joy to have it all finished and hanging.
    I can't wait to see Calico Paradise hanging. Where did you find the reproduction for the backing?
    I have been debating buying that new book.

  13. Catherine's Garden is stunning and I actually thought it was hanging in a museum with your beautiful decorating and it could be as your quilting is always gallery and museum quality.

  14. Beautiful finish!!! Just lovely! I absolutely adore Calico Paradise and have been trying to resist picking up the pattern, but I can feel my resolve weakening. ;o) I love how you have your quilt frame behind the that idea!

  15. It's just gorgeous!! Such beautiful work.

    I have never heard of those hangers before, but I'm definitely going to have to look into them.

  16. Congratulations on your finish. Catherine's Garden is a beautiful masterpiece.

  17. Congratulations Dawn!!! Catherine's Garden is beautiful. Stunning work!

    Your chintz project is coming along well.

  18. Holy Moly!! What a gorgeous display. I am sooo impressed with your skill and eye!

  19. The backing for Calico Paradise is:
    The Union Forever Judie Rothermel From The New England Quilt Museum design 4974 in the purple strip colorway

    Catherine's Garden is solid cream RJR Cotton Supreme.

  20. OMG! Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh I'm just in awe. I love every single thing you have hanging, the quilt on the frame, the dutch chintz/repro fabric blocks. Ooooooohhhhhhh.........

  21. Upon first seeing the photo of the quilts hanging there with the grand piano, I thought it was taken in a Museum, but after reading the details I see that it is your home!!! It definitely says something about the quality and beauty of your finished Catherine's Garden quilt. Truly a piece of exquisite workmanship, a credit to you!!!!!! Very well done!!!! Love those Dutch Garden blocks too, just gorgeous!!!!! You do some really lovely work!!

  22. Your quilt is beautiful--a garden inside!! Love that idea!! It looks so neat hanging there. Calico Paradise is going to be stunning. Where did you collect your dutch fabrics from??? I have not found any in my neck of the woods. Many have reviewed this book & said it is worth the price, so what is a quilter supposed to do??

  23. The quilts look really nice hanging together!!

    Love your newest Dutch quilt.

  24. Your Catherine's Garden is wonderful. So lovely to see it hanging up. The new book has great quilts and patterns, it very hard to decide which one to make but I do like Petra's red hexagon star quilt at the back of the book.

  25. Oh wow, Catherine's Garden is fabulous! I can see why you didn't want to put it down at times. All your projects look wonderful. Love the colors.:)

  26. Catherine's Garden is beautiful! I don't really expect less from you, though. Everything you make is just exquisite!

  27. Oh my gosh! She's absolutely gorgeous and looks perfect in her new spot!

  28. Catherine's Garden is beyond gorgeous!! Bravo for you - what a wonderful display!!!


  29. What a gorgeous quilt display. I thought it was in a museum.
    I've missed a couple of posts due to my change to bloglovin'
    It will be fun to catch up with you.

  30. One post, so many beautiful quilts to look at. What a great pleasure you have given me. All the quilts are gorgeous, and so different. It's like a virtual quilt show just watching your work.

  31. It's gorgeous...congrats on the finish!

  32. Your work is stunning! Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure!

  33. Hi Dawn, Glad I scrolled down and saw this post. Congrats on this BEAUTIFUL finish!

  34. your Catherine's Garden quilt is beyond words beautiful~!
    and that you did all of the work completely by hand is really something to be proud of.
    it looks lovely hanging on the wall too. have you considered entering it into any quilt shows?

    the fabrics that I can see for your Dutch Garden piece are wonderful. it must be fun to sew with them.



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