Thursday, January 9, 2014

Noah and Matilda Update and Inlay Sewing Box

I've added another sewing box to the collection.

This walnut box has bone or ivory diamond inlay, a working lock and interior trays.

I have not seen another like it.  If you have, I'd love to hear about it.  I was able to meet the previous owner, he dated it to c. 1840.

Also in the photo is a velvet elephant pin cushion.  The small pocket is...maybe for thimbles.

The thread reels sit on post, with the end of the thread extending through a small hole in the center of each diamond.

In this closeup photo you can see the grain of the walnut and the bone or ivory.  I'm not will to test the inset to see if it is bone or ivory, but I'm leaning towards bone given the brown streaks and pores.

We are very excited so many of you are joining us reproducing the Noah and Matilda Boyce Album Quilt!
 Seeing some finished blocks from the first set is a joy.  
This is the basket or vessel from the first pattern set.  I did mine in prints, the original was done with solid fabrics.  I appliqued my green base down, then appliqued the red triangles on top.
Some have chosen to use a basket or china/porcelain look print.

In this block, also from set one, I combined solids and prints.

I pulled lots of fabrics from my stash including solids and prints.

The quilt has quite a variety of leaf and flower shapes.

Future sets include a bird, various pots and vases, some grapes, wreaths...Very FUN!!

This block from set one is yet another leaf shape.
Lots of flower petals!
It also is one of the few blocks with a yellow print.  The original block had a solid green leaf, but I chose a print.
You can always join - Click HERE
I love to surprise people, so today is the 9th, I refunded the 9th person (Judith) who purchased the first set.
Thank you for all your compliments on the professional quality of the patterns, we are dedicated to accurately petterning the antique.

Happy Stitching!!
Enjoying a sunny day along the front range...


  1. I am impressed with the quality of your applique, Dawn! This is going to be an amazing quilt!
    What fun to surprise someone like that. Very cool.

  2. Oops, forgot to add that I LOVE that sewing box. : )

  3. Are you opening a quilt/stitchery museum? I think you could! That box is awesome. I love walnut. Our bedroom set is mid 20th century walnut. It was out of date when we got it in the 80's but now we are in style again. It's very Mad Men!
    I think it is so neat you are doing these patterns with your DD. And just like you to give a surprise refund! Love what I see and look forward to more of it.

  4. Love your new box, Dawn.

    I prepared templates and chose fabrics for the first 4 blocks last night.

    Great idea to applique those tiny red triangles.

  5. Love the walnut box. And thanks for showing pictures of your work!

  6. Great sewing box and just wondering is there a place where people are posting pictures of their finished blocks?

  7. So so pretty! I love your inlay box too. Sigh. I'm so tempted, but I just don't do applique these days. Will watch with pleasure though.

  8. You have such wonderful pieces for your sew tools and boxes. Treasures. I saw a sewing box recently in an antique shop but the wood top was damaged and still pricey. Not that I would be buying one but I keep my eyes open for you.

  9. What a unique sewing box - just love that it's made for the thread to come through the holes - very cool! Love how your blocks are looking - this will be beautiful, as are all of your patterns/quilts.

  10. Another unique and beautiful sewing item. I have taken the plunge and will be starting this quilt.

  11. Love your latest applique. I'm always a sucker for red and green.
    What a beautiful sewing box, Dawn!

  12. I love your new BOM, Dawn and have just paid and received the first set of patterns. Will you be emailing a reminder to us so we don't forget to pay for the next set of blocks?
    Kind regards, Jan

  13. Wow, what a beautiful new purchase! I have never seen anything like it either. A treasure for sure. How sweet of you to surprise the 9th person! The applique looks absolutely miniscule and you're obviously enjoying playing with your reds and greens :)

  14. what an interesting sewing box. I've never seen this before.
    Your applique is stunning


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