Monday, June 30, 2014

Noah and Matilda Block Set Seven

Purple Grapes pattern available in Noah and Matilda Set Seven
My previous post on appliqued grapes was motivated by a block in set seven.

The Purple Grapes

I stopped counting after the first 12 grapes, but let's just say the quantity of grapes in this block tops the speed limit of most US highways!  Does that sound better than 65?

I love the shape of the stems, the curve of the embroidered tendrils and of course...the grape clusters!

I did the embroidery first, then the stems.
Next came the leaves, while contemplating which technique to use for the grapes.

Stem of grapes, Noah and Matilda block set seven

I decided not to restitch the block.

I like the texture of these clusters.
The technique makes for great discussion.
I also like the idea of using multiple techniques in the quilt.

We still have not determined if Matilda made all of the blocks or if it was a presentation quilt.

Each grape was made from a circle of purple fabric.
I turned under the circle edge and ran a gathering stitch around the edge.  After stuffing the circle with bits of cotton batting I pulled the gathering thread closed, and knotted the thread.  Without cutting the thread I ran it through the center of the circle and into the block backing fabric.
I made another knot, tacking the grape to the background fabric.  Then I stitched the bottom circle of the grape to the backing fabric from the back side.  Being a back baster, the circle was already drawn.

The rest of the blocks in set seven include oak leaves, a red flower stem and great yellow flower!
Set seven is HERE.

Have a great week!


  1. My guess is that Matilda made all the blocks. and she saved that grape block for the end. Your block really does have an antique look to it.

  2. It looks like w'll all be going in circles for a bit more!

  3. I agree that your block looks antique. I had to look twice to realize it wasn't from the actual quilt. I love the wrinkly, puffy quality of these grapes. That was a lot of grapes to stitch!!

  4. That is a beautiful block and beautiful appliqué work.
    I wish I had the patience to do things like this.


  5. The embroidery first - what a concept! :0) Your block looks great - I think it adds interest to have a mix of technique. What great texture!

  6. Love the grapes and thanks for the instructions.

  7. I think this block turned out wonderful!
    I agree, a mix of techniques (like the original quilt) really adds interest and charm to this quilt.

  8. I am loving your grapes. The fabric choice really does it for me.

  9. Thanks for detailing your method for your very three dimensional grapes - bet you'd had enough of gathering little circles after 65 of those! It's a very pretty block.

  10. I always appreciate reading about hints, tips, problems, and your process in recreating the blocks. Not sure if I'm ready for 65 grapes quite yet, but soon I'll tackle them. Very pretty block, and I also like the idea of a mixture of techniques in the quilt.

  11. Beautiful--mixed techniques in quilt make them interesting

  12. such an interesting way to do grapes. I wonder too if she made them all. It's always a mystery


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