Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Noah and Matilida - A Little About the Children

Month Nine already!
The pattern files were posted last week, I am always amazed at those of you who are ready for them early.  I appreciate your enthusiasm!  Month Nine is HERE.

This month's set includes more reverse applique - if you elect to do it.  I chose to.  You could skip it, embroider the detail - or applique it on top.  Make it your own and do what makes you happy.

You can tell from the photo, I love mixing prints.
Great fun!

Preliminary information on Noah & Matilda's children:

Abby or Abbey - born 1822 or 1823, married Logan Brown 10, Aug 1839 in Morgan Illinois.  Died 1902.  Moved to Morgan County Illinois in 1839 - perhaps right after her marriage?

Amelia (Millie R) (DOB?) married Christian Spiegel 16, June 1845 in  Morgan Illinois.

Thomas Taylor (1829-1862) born in Scott County Kentucky.
  Noted as moving with his father Noah, from Scott County KY to Morgan County IL in 1835.  No mention of Matilda, Although Matilda's daughter Angeline was possibly born in Morgan County Illinois.
Still exploring his possible service in the Civil War

Angeline (Anna) 1830 - 1904 born in Morgan County Illinois.
Married Thomas J Smith (1825-1862) and had two children
    Samuel Wesley (1857-1938)
    Luelle (1857-1942)

Married Willis Green Bolar and had two children
    Franklin (1870-?)
    Eugene Alvin Bolar (1872-1946)

Evaline Boyce Bolar (1835 or 37- 1913) Married WH Bolar 
Children Ella Cather Bolar 1859-1939

In addition to many other areas left to investigate - The Bolar family connection needs to be explored.

Daniel Durbin Boyce (1837-1901)  Born in Scott County Kentucky
Married Sarah in 1862
At some point married Nancy Josephine Baldwin - she is listed on his head stone.

Margaret Ann (1839-?)
Married William Hodgson

Paris - Died as an infant?

William H (1850-1922)  Only 7 years young than some of the grandchildren
Married Ida F (1858-1928)
Buried in Blaine County Oklahoma

Four other children - possibly died as infants.

So much left to research and clarify.

A few more block details for this month:
Mixing prints and solids.

Applique instead of piecing...very simple when back basting!

A little bulky at the points, but I can live with that.
Not afraid to show it!!

One of the few blocks I chose to stick with all solid fabrics.

I like the way she alternated the leaf/petal colors.

I will have more time for some in depth research into the family now that summer is fading and I look forward to some snowy days this winter.

In the meantime enjoy some warm weather and happy stitching!


  1. Your detail pictures are lovely! I love mixing prints too :0) Imagine having that many children!!

  2. The blocks are beautiful and beautiful appliqué work.
    I do love red and greens together.


  3. Beautiful work, Dawn. I love seeing the details.
    Wow, Noah and Matilda had quite the family!

  4. Dearest Dawn,

    I've read in detail you last four posts - it's been a very, very busy summer for me and blogging sure got put on the back burner! I'm so enjoying your history lessons! What fun! Your vintage sewing gadgets always amaze me, never tire of seeing them Maybe someday in person they will be even better!

    I opted not to do Noah and Matilda as I was doing two other applique projects, but now I wish I was sewing along! I'll have to save my "pennies" and get the patterns and put it on my make it later list. I love the color choices and will start adding those fabrics to my stash.

    Hoping you have a wonderful Colorful Colorado Fall!

    Blessings and hugs!

  5. How are you finding info about the family? Must be a lot of work.

  6. This just makes me swoon a little each time you share.

  7. I just love this quilt!!! I can't wait to see my version finished - when I am 105!!

  8. It's so wonderful to read about the family. Your fabric choices are perfect, they look just right together.

  9. Your investigating skills are quite keen. It's interesting what you've been able to find. I'm a bit behind, but spent the day cutting out 8 blocks.

  10. So beautiful! I love seeing this lovely quilt and your progress on it.

  11. Your applique is beautiful! Doesn't look bulky in the photo where all those points meet. I like your attitude about it though - don't worry about making it perfect, do you own thing, happy stitching!

  12. Such beautiful dainty little stitches on your work. Awesome!
    Love reading about this family that I am not related to and never met but still I like to hear about them. Funny right?

  13. What a fun investigation! Great quilt blocks too!!

  14. Your close-up photos are always much appreciated. We can't have too many details when it comes to confidently creating our own blocks. Thanks for all the extra info that you share, in addition to the patterns for the blocks. Whether it's about Noah and Matilda and their family, or suggestions regarding our sewing, I love expanding my mind that way.

  15. great history facts, wow!
    Your points look absolutely perfect


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