Sunday, February 15, 2015

Harrison Rose

Applique - 90" Square, just like the circa 1850 antique
I have a new top in the frame.  It is a reproduction of a circa 1850 quilt in our collection, Harrison Rose.

The block is entirely appliqué, just like the original.  I machine pieced the blocks together and did the half square triangles by machine.  I am hand quilting it - just like our antique.

You can see the pattern HERE.
See Nancy's Version HEREHERE.  She changed up her center colors and chose one of the pattern variations.

There are several variations on the pattern.  It also includes all of the quilting lines so you, or your quilter, can finish it just like the original.

Hand Quilting on Harrison Rose

The quilting includes beautiful feathers, including the curves that make the corners turn so easily.  There are double hearts, feathered wreathes and other assorted fillers.
The fabrics in the original include orange, blue, yellow and or course - red and and green.  The original quilt is shown on the pattern cover.
Other names for the Harrison Rose and similar variations are:  Rose of Virginia, Pennsylvania Rose and Rosebud Patchwork. (Brackman Applique Encyclopedia pg. 105)   The 'flower head' resembles a Cesar's Crown block.

Cesars Crown Top

This is my antique Cesar's Crown top.

It is entirely hand pieced - working with almost all bias edges.  Our Harrison Rose pattern includes a full size pattern for this block if you want to give hand piecing a try.

This stitcher did a lot of 'easing' on the seams.
If you study it closely you will see the similarities and differences with the Harrison Rose flower.

Quilt Block

Here you can see the hand stitching from another Cesar's Crown block.

Challenging seams in the outside setting fabric.

I found the applique so straight forward.  I'm sure for hand piecers this is also fairly simple to do.

This variation (also from our collection) had some of the excess in the seam.  To finish the top, this quilter used an early quilt as you go method - circa 1890.

Also note the slight change in the shapes of the block pieces.

The excess was ignored and just quilted over.
Straight line quilting in grids - posibly treadle quilted.

Here is a block at the edge shown with the binding edge.

Much simpler than Harrison Rose or Cesar's Crown quilts.

It's much quirkier in person, with creative solutions to the piecing issues.

20th Centruy Example - heavily quilted

This variation is from the 20th Century - also from out collection.  See Maureen's HERE &  HERE.
Beautiful draped on her railing - and that striking border!

This example is heavily quilted, just as beautiful on the back as it is on the front.

Each block is done in only two colors/prints.

Kretsinger and Hall show and 1840 example - the most similar to our antique quilt.  Other published examples include the Chicago Tribune, Cappers Weekly, and Mountain Mist.
Further proof it is a timeless pattern!

My quilt in the frame - loving feathers!

I hope you enjoyed the examples and variations for Harrison Rose.

Our pattern is filled with full sized options and variations so you can make a quilt special for you!  My personal preference was the stem and basic leaf - most similar to our original.

Stitch what makes you happy!

Have a great stitching week,


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and a beautiful pattern.


  2. Love the hearts and feathers you are quilting in the border. This looks like a lovely design to stitch & will be another gorgeous quilt!!

    1. It's a joy to know the original maker stitched the same thing.

  3. I remember Maureen's beautiful quilt.
    Your Harrison Rose replica is so pretty! Lovely work!
    You must have an amazing vintage quilt collection.

    1. More antique quilts than vintage. The original for this pattern is 160+ years old.

  4. You have some beautiful quilts in your collection. I love your statement about filled with quirkiness and creative solutions. That just made me smile and made me feel better about my own peicing and solutions!

  5. Love your Harrison Rose and your quilting is beautiful. You have the most wonderful patterns! I linked your Etsy site in my blog last week. Hope you get some business from it!

  6. Lovely examples of a wonderful pattern. I really like the one with the heavy quilting and the 2 color blocks. It's so soft and pretty.
    The feather quilting is beautiful. I've used that one too - the lines in the background area a perfect compliment.

    1. It's not a commercial stencil. It's the exact circa 1840 quilting lines of the original.

  7. Great post. It fun to see all the beautiful quilts you have in your collection.

    1. Thank you! I include tops and blocks because we learn from them just as much.

  8. What a great quilt and a wonderful pattern. The quilting is outstanding too. I like that you include that with the pattern.

  9. What a wonderful post!! Your pattern is beautiful and your hand quilting is fabulous - your feathers look marvelous! I so enjoyed seeing the other examples you have - especially the heavily quilted one with the pastel colors. All that gorgeous quilting - takes my breath away :0)

  10. How inspiring Dawn - plenty of fabric choices to mull over there! I love your quilting - can't wait to see your finish :)

    1. You'll be the first to know when I finish the feathers!

  11. What a beautiful quilt! Love the pattern and the examples. But the quilt at the top is spectacular!

  12. I thought this block looked familiar! Bunnie Jordan dated mine to the 1950's. Isn't it fun to put a new quilt top in the frame? Your stitches are beautiful. This is the perfect quilt to highlight your stitches!

  13. I love these antique quilts and your patterns. It is so nice the quilting patterns are included.

    1. It really makes the quilt "period" when you can finish it like the original. Other options are pretty too. I just love Classic!


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