Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BOM Blocks and Organizing

Grounds:  Banana Yellow, Blue Dot and Orange
I started another color way of Catherine's Garden BOM.

It found a Judy Rothermel blue dot on white ground.

I've enjoyed the variety working with all of the colors and fabrics.
You may have seen Karen's HERE.

I keep my blocks, finished and in process in a three ring binder.
Each acid free page saver (from office supply stores) holds a pattern and all three color ways of the blocks.

The binder easily tucks into my take along tote, ready for those found moments of stitching time.

In the front of the binder I added a three ring school pencil bag filled with bobbins of threads, travel scissors and needles.  I also have an acid free 4" x 6" snap close container with larger supplies I can pop in my purse if I think I will be basting more prep on a longer trip.

  Always good to be prepared!

The blocks easily store without wrinkles.
Supplies and the patterns are close at hand.

I chose a decorative binder so when it is closed on the coffee table at home it looks nice.  More like a photo album...

This is flower 5, for month four - in upcoming months we have multiple flowers and the borders.

If you have not already joined, you can HERE.  You can always count on the blocks being ready before the first of each month.  It is fun to see those of you who are ready for the new blocks early!  I know that feeling.

For European customers, you know from your invoice the digital tax is automatically added.  For the rest of the world - tax is included in the $3USD price.  So much configuration for a little home based business!!

I prefer back basting, and baste ahead as I prepare for car trips or plane travel.

I am able to baste sections of all the blocks.  Some found time is best used on straight runs like stems.  Other times I can do smaller pieces.

I baste with high contrast thread, so it's easy to see in all kinds of light.
Yes, I have had odd looks on flights, but mostly people are just curious.

I once sat by a man from Africa who was quite intrigued.  After some discussion he then showed me phone pictures on the embroidered bed coverings his sister and mother make.  Lovely hand work.

Have a great week, I hope you have some flowers in your stitching and/or garden!


  1. Gosh, I love each color way! Thanks for sharing how you keep organized. Always interesting to see how others do it.

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous! Love seeing the different colorways.:)

  3. O.K. I have resisted the temptation to start yet another project whilst I have more than 20 going, but you are sincerely tempting me! I love all 3 colorways!! And if I can finish one more thing in April, I just may jump in with you. Your hand work is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so tempting but I have another year of things to finish up. I know my next endeavor will be something appliqued This is going to the top of my list!

  5. I like the new polka dot background block but think the cheddar background is my favorite.....today! Tomorrow, I may change my mind.

  6. I would have a hard time choosing a favorite. I really like them all, but that white with the dots does have such a fresh, Springtime look to it.
    You are so organized!

  7. Wow - your organization is amazing. You'd horrified at how I do things.
    I love all the color ways. Make them all!

  8. I love seeing these terrific blocks! I know several Dear Jane girls that kept their blocks as you are doing.

  9. Oh, your blocks look so great! I love how the flowers stand out against the yellow background - but they are all fantastic! Love your organization too - a girl after my own heart - organization is my friend! I still have wool on the brain - one of these days you will be surprised when I send you a picture! Lol!

  10. You are so organized! It looks so great this way, having all your blocks together. Love it!

  11. That's a very clever way to keep it all organized! :)

  12. I love each one of these beautiful little flower blocks!
    It's really fun to see how different they look with the various backgrounds!

    So fun to see how you organize your project too!


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