Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Progress Report

Machine Pieced - Hand Quilted
I am pleased to report the hand quilting is well underway on The Graduation Quilt.  Thank you for your inquiries, it helps keep me on track!

It is pin basted and I'm using a hoop.  My floor frame still has my Harrison Rose on it.

I am outline quilting 1/4" from the  edges of each piece, removing pins as I go.  I will then go back and add the detail quilting.  Each fabric gets unique quilting.  I also plan to quilt our names and dates in the blocks.
This very light section is the center.

Read more about this quilt HERE.

This is the second time I've made a quilt like this.

I say, "like this" because I misplaced the first set of templates I made for quilt 1.  No worries!
I just made a second set.  I like using template plastic I can write on for fussy cutting.  I use pencil and wipe of the registration lines for the next cut.

The layout on the first one is rather random.  I also used more feminine fabrics; florals, toiles and pastel lights.

Velma came running for the photo op.

"Have you earned quilting time today?"

Velma has decided she needs to keep the quilt safe and warm when I am not quilting.
She is usually buried underneath the quilt layers.  Today she slept for over two hours on top of the hoop - until I got the camera out.

Of course, I need to thank her for two hours I worked off the to-do list of chores.  Much more productive to finish spring cleaning.  I have until August to finish it.

She must know 'The Graduate' has a cat.

Side by Side 

I decided to put the two quilts together.
The Graduate Quilt has a look all its own - masculine colorful fabrics, a light to dark layout and uniform setting fabrics.

That's the way it should be - a gift quilt custom made for a very special person.

I am often asked the size of the hexagons - I finally measured - 4" a side.

Kim McLean Cover Quilt

My inspiration was a quilt I saw in Houston in 2004.
It was featured on the cover of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine in 2005.

I wanted to pull a chair over and sit and stare at the quilt in Houston.  I loved everything about it - 100's of reproduction fabrics, the layout - what's not to love?

My blocks are bigger, the finished quilt smaller and I played with the color layout.

The pattern was published in the 2005 Quilter's Newsletter Wall Calendar.  I don't have the calendar to see how the measurements compare to my blocks.

Here are the details on the inspiration quilt from inside the magazine.

I also like this detail picture because you can see some of Kim's quilting lines.  I'm always curious how the quilting is done.

Who knows, I may make a third - some year...

Have a great week, I hope it includes some stitching time.



  1. It's a really great quilt. Love the subtleties of the lights and darks.:)

  2. I like your first hexagon quilt very much. Of course, I like the one you are working on too. The original one has fabrics in it that I like a lot.

  3. I wouldn't even know where to start to make such a quilt! You have done a great job on your first one of replicating that vintage feel. And the second one fits the person for whom it was made, so it is perfect, too. : )

  4. It is a beautiful quilt! Isn't handquilting just lovely, both to do and to see. It makes for such a nice texture in the quilt.

  5. It is a lovely quilt. Another one for the to-do list.

  6. I think if I ever made a hexi quilt this would have to be it. Yours are gorgeous, and I love the idea of the larger hexi's, to take advantage of some of the wonderful large scale prints that are out there.

  7. Love those hexagons! And your helper is beautiful too!

  8. What a beautiful quilt and wonderful graduation present. I hope all your work is appreciated.

  9. Simply amazing. I can't wait to see details of the final quilting.

  10. I have always thought this was an amazing quilt. It has so much visual appeal. I love how yours has turned out. You must have enjoyed it.

  11. Both of your Hexagon quilts are stunning!
    I love the complexity of these quilts. All the fussy cuts and secondary patterns you created are wonderful!

  12. Both quilts are great, with wonderful fabrics. He will love this present --that he can cover up in & think of you!! Velma is one smart cat!! If you do a quilt a long on your "third" quilt, I would stitch along with you. I have always loved the cover quilt that you have shown!!! Since you are in the rhythm of stitching the Stars & all!! Lol

  13. Both of your hexie quilts are beautiful and so different. I'm like Janet, and I wouldn't know where to start. I didn't realize your quilts were based off a Kim Mc Lean pattern. Neat. Tomorrow might be a good day for quilting. The dark clouds are blowing in up here.

  14. Your quilt is going to be an amazing gift! Glad Velma is able to help you out!

  15. Fun to see an update! It's gorgeous and looks like the quilting is going well.
    Interesting point about marking register lines with pencil.
    Velma is sweet there on the quilt - right in the center of the hoop!
    I would love to make one of these - some year.......

  16. Wonderful photo of the two quilts together - love them both! They both draw the eye for closer inspection and I can see similar fussy cutting construction in each. The relatively large 4" sides allow a good view of special fabrics too. So exciting to be nearly done - with Valma's permission of course:)

  17. Still my favorite, these quilts. I swear one of these days I'll make one too.

  18. It is so beautiful! I think you need to put a picture of Velma on the back since she helped so much.


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