Monday, June 1, 2015

Borders, Stems and Grad Quilt

Great progress to report on The Graduation Quilt.
All of the outline quilting and some detail is complete in the blocks.  Two sides of the setting blocks (the navy dot) are quilted.
Once I finish hand quilting the setting edges I will bind it.  If needed, I could gift it then, but am hoping all of the filler quilting can also be finished before gifting.

1/4" seam allowance

Month Six of the Catherine's Garden BOM is posted HERE.
The borders have small stems for each leaf.
This is how I do mine:
As a back baster, my marking is always on the BACK.  For the stems I mark them on the FRONT.
Using a 3/4" wide bias strip, I machine stitch it on the outer curve of the line.

I trim the seam allowance to reduce the bulk when folding the stem fabric over.

With 32+ little stem pieces to do, this process goes fairly fast.

Fold the stem over.
I place one pin in the center, use more if you prefer

I hide my knot in the seam - no knots show on the front or back.

Needle turn down the length of the stem.

If only the leaves went down as fast as the stems!  We put the border patterns out in the middle of the year so you can work on them over a few months.  Anyway, that's my preference!

The finished stem has two nice smooth edges.

It is difficult to tell if the edges are machine or hand sewn.

I know there are many successful ways to do vines and stems.  No one right way.  This is my preferred way to do my little stems.  The way you prefer is the right way!

Enjoy your stitching and have a great week!
A little confusion on the Virginia Road Trip - I am flying not driving!  Air Trip just doesn't have the same ring to it as Road Trip.  


  1. The quilting is looking wonderful!

  2. Oh Dawn, what a wonderful tip! I have always done my stems that way, but all by hand. I'm going to try the "Dawn" method next time. Thanks a million! Love the graduation quilt.

  3. thanks for the stem tip--nice method...they look great hugs, Julierose

  4. The quilting is looking so good!
    I don't applique, but I have watched the process many times. I love this clever method!

  5. Hello dear Colorado friend!! I'm catching up AGAIN!!!! Loved, loved loved the tour of the red and white quilts!!! Fabulous!!! Have fun in Virginia!! I follow Doreen and she seems like such a very sweet person and fabulous quilter!

    Quick note: we may be making a trip to Colorado!!!! Would love to stop by and meet you in person. I'll let you know more details later!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  6. The graduation quilt is going to be a spectacular gift. Your son's going to love it.

  7. Your hand quilting is lovely. Can't wait to see it finished. I did a little hand quilting myself today. Getting a bit too warm for it here. Interesting to read your stem instructions. Not sure when I will fit it in, but applique is a skill I want to improve upon. I love how it looks - just haven't done enough of it to do it well.

  8. What a great tip about sewing stems. I hadn't thought of doing them that way. The graduation quilt is looking wonderful, it's extra special that you're hand quilting it. Have fun jet setting to Virginia.

  9. The grad quilt is looking great - you have such tiny little stitches. Good tip on the stems - sure wish I had your applique skills. Have an awesome air/road trip!!

  10. your quilting looks great and I always love to see how other quilters do their stems.

  11. Love the graduation quilt. Congratulation on getting it almost finished.


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