Monday, August 24, 2015

A Finish - The Graduation Quilt

The Graduation Quilt
Done. Finished. Complete.
It really isn't any of those.

The Graduation Quilt is hand quilted and the binding is done.  I have a few details to add, so technically it isn't done.

I chose to do a narrow binding, finishing at 3/8" so it doesn't really show in the photo.  I really like it and will use that width on future projects.

To recap - Lots of fussy cutting special fabrics
Prints used only once per block
Machine Pieced
Hand Quilted - 100% Cotton Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon
62" x 76"

Light Center - Names and dates to be added in quilting

In the center light print are I will be adding names and dates in the quilting.

I am planning on a medium contrast thread, so it is easily readable - but not the first thing a viewer sees.

I will also add a label on the back - see, it isn't done!

Example of some of the quilted texture

Each block is quilted uniquely, using the prints as my guide - no marking.

I changed thread colors to compliment the fabrics.

The hexagon side finishes at 4"

Do you quilt names and words in your projects?  I may do it more often!
Have a great week!


  1. Beautiful! I really like your idea of quilting each block individually, with a variety of threads and whatever suits the block. I've been talking myself into doing just that on my Everyday Patchwork Sampler, which is on deck for hand quilting. Speaking of which, time to go baste!

  2. I frequently quilt the recipient's name and date into the quilt, especially those made for grandchildren. The graduation quilt is spectacular!

  3. I usually sign and date with writing --but have been gravitating to labels--altho' they do kind of interrupt the design. I love your quilt--it is beautiful work hugs, Julierose

  4. Wow, you have done a lovely job--and the varied quilting and changing of thread colors makes it truly a labor of love.
    I have never quilted words in my projects, but I think I need to start. I love when I see it in quilts.

  5. This is such a beautiful, interesting quilt. What a great gift. Congrats on your finish!

  6. Gorgeous and unique! Congratulations on a wonderful finish - I love it! Took me a minute to spot that quilting - along the wavy white lines on the blue hexagon - a nice way to complement the individual fabrics and blocks. He is going to be thrilled :)

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I'm sure the graduate knows how lucky he is!

  8. Wow - love it! I hope he appreciates all the work!

  9. What a wonderful unique quilt for a graduation. You added your own personality to the hexies and tumblers as well. It will be a gift your son will truly treasure.

  10. Your hex quilt is really great - I know your graduate will love it!

  11. I love it when names and dates are in the quilting and I need to remember to do that. Your quilt looks great!

  12. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful - a real showstopper.

    I like to quilt my initials and date into a quilt but I try to make them blend in with the overall quilting design. I know they are there and it is fun to have others look for them!

  13. Congrats on finishing this gorgeous quilt & for having a graduate too!! Lots of work went into both projects!!

  14. What a wonderful gift! Very unique and it looks like it would be a fun to quilt to make!

  15. Beautifully done Dawn. I have never quilted my name on a quilt but I think I will try it.

  16. It is absolutely sensational! I love it and I love that you will be quilting some details in. I like the subtle yet readable factor. Super job!

  17. What a special quilt! It's beautiful and I'm sure your son will love it. Has he seen it yet? I don't think I've ever quilted names or dates onto a quilt. I like the idea though. Congrats on the finish! In my book it is close enough!

  18. The Tumbling Block quilt is so interesting to look at. So much to see. A conversation piece.


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