Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blanket Statements Exhibit

Gallery Views
This weekend I was able to visit the "Blanket Statements" quilt exhibit at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

The exhibit features 15 historic quilts from the UK Quilters Guild Collection (dating 1780-1949) as well as 20 quilts by Kaffe Fassett (and team).  Kaffe is a patron of the Quilters Guild and worked with their curator to select quilts from their collection for interpretation.

The exhibit is a stunning collection of quilts spanning 236 years - all successfully combined in brilliant color.

Can you find the antique in the trio?
Hearts and Crosses Coverlet, Organic Radiation
and Citris Zigzag Ribbon
The antique quilts are displayed by the interpretations so viewers can make comparisons as they enjoy the quilts.

Two Books Are Available:
Kaffe Fassett's Heritage Quilts
Includes beautiful colored photos of all of the quilts in the exhibit as well as patterns for the interpretations.

Blanket Statements
Exhibit Catalog is a 32 page full color catalog
The 6"x 9" booklet is laid out with the quilts paired when the book is open for easy analysis.
Contact the gift shop HERE.

The museum also has a companion exhibit, "Pattern Pieces:  Can You Make A Quilt Out of Wood?

Some of my favorite wood pieces were by artist Laura Petrovich- Cheney.

Laura works with selvaged wood from hurricane Sandy creating these beautiful pieces of art.  Great color, texture and design.

Can you tell she also quilts?

Rustic Checkerboard Medallion by Sidmouth Quilt

The exhibit at The Michener Art Museum runs through February 21.
It then travels to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.  Exhibit dates there are March 12 - June 28.

Be sure to check for any Educational Programs during the exhibits.

English and American Quilts - 12/1 - Jean Lury
Piecing Together Cultures - 12/15 - Patricia Herr
(Sign up in advance with the museum)

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the quilts as much as I did.

Get the Free Blanket Statements Mobile App (Crowd Funded) at Google Play or Apple's App Store
       Listen to other quilters as they view the quilts.
My Kaffe Quilts HERE
Nancy's Quilts with Kaffe Fabrics HERE
Our Radical Rose pattern in Kaffe Prints HERE
More on the Exhibit HERE
Next Stop - San Jose HERE

Bonus Photos:
Earthy Herringbone Stripes, Chevron Strippy, Sunshine Herringbone Stripes

Ridehalgh Quilt, 1860-1890
Silk, Brocade and Velvet, each piece outlined in gold silk braid
All hand sewn

Detail from Sunset Stripes
Have a great week!


  1. Wow, lots of amazing quilts to see!
    So interesting to see the original quilts side by side with the modern versions.

    I LOVE that vintage quilt with all the stars & tumbling blocks.
    Looks like it was all EPP'd but perhaps was just carefully hand pieced - just stunning!

  2. This exhibit was in Houston and was just stunning! We were not able to take photos. You are very lucky to have these!

    1. I took the photos and used them here with written permission. So glad you got to see them in Houston. I bet they look different on black pipe and drape.

  3. Oh, I so want to attend this show. Now that I have seen a preview, I really need to try to go. Thanks for sharing pictures.

    1. Please do Jill, I think it is a great opportunity!

  4. No fair!!!! OMG, I so want to go to this show! Soo soooo much!!!

    1. So you should go Margaret! You will love it.

  5. Fascinating to see the Kaffe interpretations. And those wood pieces--Wow!

  6. There were a few from this collection in Houston. It was amazing. Glad you got the opportunity to see it all. It was a really cool idea.

  7. Looks like an amazing exhibit!

  8. That looks like a fabulous show, wish I could visit.

  9. thanks for sharing this exhibit with us!

  10. Thanks for sharing your pictures. This looks like a wonderful show.

    1. Fun to see your use of Kaffe fabrics for your SVBAQ quilt.

  11. Thank you so much for the kindness - I shared this blog on my Facebook page! Hope you get lots of new views! You do such amazing work for the quilt community! THANKS!

  12. I'm talking with quilt buddies about taking a roadtrip! May be up that way in a couple weeks!

    1. Hope you do, going with a load of friends sounds like a good time! Across the street is the Mercer and Fonthill Castle is also in Doylestown. Lots to see and addition to these fabulous quilts.

  13. Thanks for the quilt show. Fantastic quilts.

  14. How fun and interesting! I love the Ridehaigh quilt - so intricate!

  15. I think this is the collection (and more) I saw at the Quilt Museum In York a few months ago. Sadly the museum has since closed because of lack of funding. For me the stand out were the older quilts.: they were so "modern". Here is a link to many, many photos of their collection I took photos but theirs are way better.


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