Monday, December 7, 2015

Swapping Then and Now

Over the years I have had great fun meeting quilters and bloggers around the country.

I was speechless when I met Maureen from Pursuit of Quilts and she gifted me with this beautiful quilt.

I have it on my desk and enjoy it daily.  The variety of fabrics is amazing, as is her hand quilting.  How can I not start each day with a smile looking at this treasure?

Maureen has generous heart and is just as wonderful in person as she is 'online'.  That has been true of all of you I've had the pleasure of meeting in person!

This is the backing fabric Maureen used.
Look at all of that wonderful quilty texture.

Who doesn't love an orange label?
She has both our names on the label - since I know this quilt will be treasured forever, it's well documented.

Beautiful Maureen!  I still cannot thank you enough Maureen.  I hope we meet again and can share some hand sewing time.

Since this post is about swapping and sharing, I thought I would include an old top I finally had long arm quilted.

Last year I found a long arm quilter who does a nice all over fan that is subtle.  The thread color is neutral and worked on the light and dark fabrics.

For years I thought I might hand quilt this collection of swap blocks.  Some participants had inked their names on the back of the blocks so I even considered NOT quilting it.

The very outer edge is the binding I don't have stitched down.  It is the same print I used in the setting triangles.

I wanted you to see the border print.
I love this print!  It is a stripe that looks like a double border.

Maybe after the holidays I will get the binding stitched down.  The label is another matter - I have to figure out the year of the swap.  I am guessing it could be 10 years ago??

The blocks are from the ReproFabricLovers Yahoo Group many, many years ago.

The scrappy setting is suitable for the variety of prints in the stars.  I did opt for one print in the setting triangles and a consistent border.

It turned out quite nice.  I've been doing so much applique lately it's fun to consider some piecing for 2016.

Have a great week - and thank you quilting friends near and far!



  1. Both of these quilts you've posted today are fabulously scrappy :0) I'm glad you got it quilted - now you can enjoy using it!

  2. Maureen is a sweetheart, I agree! How wonderful that the two of you have met and what a beautiful quilt she gifted you. I saw on her blog the great hexie quilt you gave her.
    Your swapped stars made a lovely, vintage-looking quilt. I do love that striped border!
    We just don't have time to hand quilt everything we would like to do. Your decision to have this machine quilted with the neutral fans was a good one. : )

  3. Maureen's quilt is lovely. I especially like your stars and the fabrics you chose for the setting triangles and the border. You have great color and fabric sense!
    Nancy (ndmessier @ -- because email notifications usually bounce)

  4. dos edredones preciosos!!
    el de Maureen me encanta,
    sera por el color naranja?

    1. Gracias por tu comentario!
      naranja es hermosa en un tejido...Maureen Hace costura hermosa.
      The best of my Spanish - but I tried!

  5. The quilting is perfect for the quilt. I haven't met Maureen in person, just blog friends. But you are right, she is a sweetheart. Hugs

  6. What a treasure you have from Maureen! I feel blessed as I have one of her treasures, too!! Aren't quilting friends the best ever!!!!

    Is is white in Colorado yet? We've a had a warm, but wet fall. So good for the pastures!

    Blessings and hugs!

  7. I like star quilts very much. A good finish.

  8. Wonderful story et wonderful quilts !

  9. Beautiful! You are such a lucky lady!

  10. The little quilt that Maureen gifted you is SO sweet and even more beautiful in person! The cheddar really created such a lovely backdrop to this very pretty and scrappy quilt. Such a treasure!

    Your Star swap quilt top looks vintage & gorgeous.
    Love the fabric you chose for your set in triangles and borders.

  11. What a sweet little gift quilt and the swap quilt is just gorgeous!

  12. What a wonderful gift. I guess we both have been finding those lingering projects in the closet. Your swapped blocks made a great quilt and the fabrics you chose for the triangles and borders pulls it all together. I also liked how you ran that inner border. It's a great vintage look.

  13. Such treasures! A beautiful gift and so wonderful to get that project from way back when finished. Beautiful colors.

  14. Your little gift is a treasure, as is your star swap quilt. A real beauty!

  15. It was fun exchanging quilts with you, Dawn! You're a gem!
    LOVE this quilt with the swapped stars! The quilting is wonderful. I love hand quilted fans but the machine quilted ones don't usually appeal to me. This one does. That stripe you used for the border is perfect!
    Happy stitching, dear friend!

  16. What a sweet gift. And I love your star quilt. Just beautiful!

  17. Great to see "our" blocks in the finished quilt. Nice borders!

  18. Beautiful gift and beautiful quilt. Love that border print. I see border prints in shops occasdionally and never know what I will do with them--this is a great idea. I think Maureen's little quilt was from a quiltalong that Lori of Humble Quilts did called Cascadia. I didn't join in but there were sure a lot of pieces in it!


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