Friday, February 12, 2016

Pink Tulip SVBAQ

I finished my pink tulip block for the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album Quilt Along.

It was another fun block. I wait to press until assembly day.

I used to live on a street named Tulip Court and we had contests to see who could get the most tulips to bloom. Neighbors on Brinker Street usually always won!

You can still join the quilt along, the pattern is available HERE.  The Virginia Quilt Museum sells it in paper or digital options.

One block a month is very manageable.

Seeing flowers in the winter months is a treat and reminder summer gardens are not too far away.

These tulips were for sale in the Amsterdam flower market in January.

So much like Esther Blair Mathews tulip, yellow, red with the lovely green leaves.

This is the view from our yard.  The tall peak pictured is at about 14,000 feet.  Our cycling son bikes to the summit each summer.
Our son is off to Tanzania for service work.  He always says don't worry!
But I do.
Stitching is relaxing so I expect I will be doing lots of stitching in the coming weeks.  How about you?


  1. I worry too. It's what mothers do. We can't help it. I've loved your posts on your travel and enjoyed the photos so much. Keep stitching, it does help. :)

  2. Gorgeous block--your applique work is stunning! I get all messed up with layers...hugs, Julierose

  3. Such a beautiful block Dawn!
    Those tulips from Amsterdam are so lovely, I can almost smell them.
    What a gorgeous view of the mountains!
    Best wishes to your son over in Tanzania, a mother will always worry.
    I hope your stitch work moves the time along faster until his return.

  4. Pretty tulips, both created and grown, and what a view!!!
    All moms worry, of course! :)

  5. Lovely block Dawn, keeping good thoughts for your son while he is out of the country. We Mothers do worry.

  6. That is a beautiful block and I am looking forward to spring and blooming flowers.


  7. Beautiful Tulip block! Being Dutch of course I love tulips! They are peeping out of the soil in my garden already, very early spring this year! Love the Mountain picture. Colorado is such a pretty state. Driving from east to west that view on the Rockies is stunning!

  8. Such pretty fabric choices on this one, that yellow just glows...great to see your block on a windy blustry snow-flakey day in Indiana...Spring is coming!

  9. Your block is lovely and it and the tulips do remind us that spring isn't too far off. It doesn't matter how old we are or our kiddos, mothers just naturally worry. It's our job!

  10. What a beautiful block! I love tulips :0) Your picture from Amsterdam is beautiful too!

  11. Beautiful! Both the real tulips and the stitched. I don't blame you for worrying about your son. Don't we all worry no matter what? I'm sure he will be fine -- hope he enjoys the trip.

  12. Such a lovely block! You do beautiful work--always.
    Love that view!!

  13. Such a lovely block, I love tulips and tulip blocks and yours is sooo Dutch looking! Tulips come in lots of colors over here, but the sweetpink against that bright yellow always stands out at a flower stall, so this is a perfect combo. Tulip Court, Brinker Street? That must be a neighbourhood with Dutch inspired names!
    Wonderful that your son is doing service work in Tanzania. Your kids will always tell you not to worry (didn't we do the same when we were young?)but of course we always do. Stitching with that gorgeous view (wow!!) hopefully takes your mind of things. Have a lovely weekend.

  14. Here in Holland, tulips are always the first flowers for inside. Around Carnaval (feb-mrt) they are available. And it's always a joy to get them and take the spring inside.

  15. Your blocks for this quilt are so beautiful - this one truly does look like a bouquet of tulips. Bet you never get tired of gazing at the mountains. Everytime we come back from Alaska, Wisconsin appears so flat:-) No matter the age of our kids, the worries are there - they just take different forms. Our son routinely hikes on the glaciers and goes down into the crevasses with his camera gear - I get weak in the knees thinking about it...

  16. Beautiful block, gorgeous tulips (makes me think Spring!) and amazing view!!

  17. Love your block and your tulips. And, I can't believe you get to look at those mountains every day! Lovely!

  18. Nice fabric choices. I don't have time but making the quilt in repro fabrics is so tempting.


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