Monday, March 6, 2017

Thank You Minnesota Quilters and Minnesota Quilt Project

Right Side of The Room
Thank you Minnesota Quilters and The Minnesota Quilt Project for hosting my presentations and workshop last week.

Many of you asked for photos because you are too far away to make it!
Thursday night I had a full house at the lecture and trunk show on Hexagons.  Because I am local, I was able to bring some quilts I don't often bring out. The guild provided extra quilt stands so it was really like a little quilt show.  Members could see all of the quilts before and after the lecture.

Two of four tables
The room was filled color and pattern!

This table shows a few of the "smalls" and the back of blocks to illustrate techniques.

We hexagon covered quilts from 1830 - 2016 and included Time Span Quilts.  In the PowerPoint presentation - we went back even further!

They were a wonderful audience - and many brought hexagon quilts both new and old for show and tell.

It was very energizing and lots of people took close up photos for personal use. They want to try and recreate some of these "looks" at home.

There was selective cutting of stripes - vertical and horizontal.

Interesting color combinations.

Florals and neutrals.

I think the quilt with the most hexagons I brought was around 6,000 pieces. I need to double check that.

The charm hexagon quilt interested many people.  I think that one is around 3,200 hexagons. CHARM - no fabric repeats.

With many hands, we had it all packed up!

On Saturday morning we transformed the room again with appliqué.

Again, members could view the quilts before the meeting.

There was a lot of show and tell, all great to see!

Another full house, the quilts were left up for members to see after the meeting.

In the afternoon I taught a class on hand appliqué using the back basting preparation technique for needle turn appliqué.

A very talented group of stitchers made great progress on their blocks.  Their enthusiasm was wonderful - they told me they would be sharing photos.
I love seeing the excitement as they embraced a technique new to them and were already thinking ahead to new projects.

Nancy chose batiks for her project

Look what was in my inbox this morning - Nancy finished her block!

She says she was excited to finish, and start on the border blocks. Also, what every teacher likes to hear, "Take care and thank you for being a wonderful instructor"  (used with permission)

Need I say I am floating on air today as I put away quilts?

Have a great week - I hope it includes some stitching time!

There was so much interest in the Minnesota Quilts book I decided to give away two copies.
Book Winners:  Ageeth & Barb - I will be in touch to get your addresses.

Our Etsy Shop:  Link HERE.

Minnesota State Quilt Show Information HERE.


  1. It must have been a wonderful presentation Dawn - diverse and beautiful quilts all around the room!

  2. Oh how lucky they are to have you close by now. I surely wish I lived closer. Such beautiful quilts!

  3. What a busy weekend you had, but sounds like you and the students enjoyed every minute.

  4. What great days you must have had, and all of the lucky ladies, who could participate and see the quilts up close and listen to your interesting (no doubt!) lecture. But I am very excited to read, that I am a lucky lady too, because I won a copy of the book! Thank you so much!!! I will cherish it!

  5. I'm glad it all went so well. You have such a gorgeous collection of Applique quilts!!!

  6. I am in awe of all of the quilts you had on display. These look like incredible presentations. Lucky quilters that were able to attend! Thanks for the peeks at your wonderful collection!

  7. How lucky to see all of this in jaw dropped at the 6000 :)

  8. Thank you for sharing your workshop with us, so many beautiful quilts and fun to attend, virtually.


  9. What an awesome exhibit and class. Lucky ladies!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful event. What a great collection you have! I enjoy my little hexie quilt every day.

    1. I treasure my quilt from you! Fond memories from when we met.

  11. Is there a picture of the charm hexagon quilt?

    1. Yes, I think I will do a separate post just about charm quilts!

  12. Your work is absolutely amazing Dawn! It must have been so mucht fun to share your passion. I am so happy for my friend Ageeth that she won a book!

  13. what an amazing opportunity to share all of your gorgeous quilts and teach. How rewarding it must have been for you and how lucky for the ladies who were able to attend. I sure do wish I had been there too!
    I can't wait to get the book - Thank you Dawn!!

    1. It was fun. It's not all of my quilts, just two subsets - hexagons and some appliqué. Will get the book off to younthis week!

  14. Wow! Thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn't come see you and and your gorgeous quilts in person :)

  15. What an amazing treat to see all those spectacular quilts! Your lectures are fascinating and how lucky for those who were also able to attend your applique' workshop.

  16. Oh, Dawn, how wonderful to see the quilts up! I would have loved to have been there too!

  17. Nancy did great work on her block, batiks aren't easy either. Maybe you can show the finished border?

  18. Oh what a great experience for those who got to attend! I bet the energy was amazing.:)

  19. Wow what an awesome show you put on! Wish I could have been there.

  20. I would so have loved to have attended your class and lecture! I would have felt right at home! Hexagons and appliqué-doesn't get any better!


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